Licensed Philadelphia-based psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and health energy flow in the body and emotions  Dr. Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and healthy energy flow in the body and emotions; a Philadelphia psychologist since 1975 when she worked with Joe Wolpe, MD at Temple Medical School.
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"3 Reasons You Must Listen to Your Body ": a body image, holistic psychology CD by Dr. Jeanette. Learn to relax and live in your body.
Drugs are not the answer. Get high on your emotions!
Our self-help tapes heal your broken heart and help improve your self-esteem.

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Self Esteem Self Help Audio CD Testimonial:

"Excellent Teleseminar! Good job! Your seminar on Guilt and Judgment was clear, well organized and beautifully presented. " Ani Colt

1 - "Order Self Help CD, 5 Actions that Eliminate Guilt and Judgment. With Doris Jeanette, licensed psychologist & Guilt Buster.

You Learn To:

  • Recognize the energy of Guilt -- it is not a real feeling
  • Recognize the energy of Judgment
  • Recognize how healthy emotional flow feels different your body from these nasty mental states
  • Use the first psychologist law to help you overcome your obstacles and self sabotage
  • Break free from the energy of sticky Judgment and Guilt in daily life using Tools and Tricks
  • Choose self acceptance instead of being controlled by others people's judgment
  • Live a Guilt Free Life


2 -Order Holistic Health CD " Hear Your Body Talking: 3 Reasons You Need Your Body" by Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.

You Learn:

The three reasons you have a physical body.

The kind of information your Body knows that your conscious mind doesn't.

How to receive your Body's data via your senses.

How to Use your Body to reduce your anxiety and calm your frazzled nerves

How to stay in touch with your Body in daily life so that you are grounded and more secure.

How to use your body to improve your physical health.

How to use your Body to enjoy life and have fun.

Bonus Special: Add self help tape series A Natural Process for Opening the Heart-Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem" to any CD order above for 50 % off, just $19.97


"Your Writing Teleseminar was great value for the money. I got over my fear of writing a dark character. What you said was a gift that melted away the block that has been holding me back. Thanks so much for your Teleseminar." Margo Mateas, author of" Peekaboo"

3 -Order Writing CD "How to Use Writing to Journey Inward, Face Your Inner Critic and Find Your Creative Voice." With Emily Hanlon, best selling author of Petersburg and writing teacher par excellence.

You Learn:

The Importance of finding your voice.

How to differentiate between the voice of your persona and your true writer's voice

Specific ways to use writing to find your authentic self

Why and how your Inner Critic stops you from expressing yourself.

Specific ways to defang your inner critic.

Five traits common to people who are creative.


4 -Order mind power CD, "Use Your Creative Mind for Fun, Profit and Health" with Jenna Catherine, author of Conversing With the Future, Visions of 2020.

Learn to:

Tell the Future Movements of Stocks or Anything Else!!

Tell the Difference Between Your Beliefs and Outside Data

Use You Mind to Observe the Health of Your Body and Your Energy Field

Listen to Your Higher Self

Ways to use the Power of Your Future Self to Improve Self Esteem and Gain Self Confidence

Do Quick Exercises that Give You Helpful Information that might even save your life.


Bonus Special: Add 3 self help tapes A Natural Process for Opening the Heart-Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem" to any CD order above for 50 % off, just $19.97

"That was awesome! Thank you. It was stuff that we've talked about before, but for some reason it really hit me last night. Now I understand what my heart is telling me is real. I get it!" G.P, Washington, DC.

5-Order the anxiety treatment CD "Healthy Ways to Reduce Anxiety" Have fun listening to Doris Jeanette as she shares the playful side of life on Planet Earth as she teaches you how to deal with anxiety so that you can face and resolve your healthy, real fears. Learn holistic health ways to relax, feel more comfortable and secure in your body.


The Difference between Anxiety and Fear

New, Effective Ways to Calm Down the Nervous System

What to Do When you Cannot Calm Down

Clever Things to Do in Public to Relax


6 -Order the depression treatment CD, "Healthy Ways to Reduce Depression"

Doris Jeanette explains what depression is in terms of physical and emotional energy dynamics. An excellent seminar that can help you see the bigger picture of what is going on with your depressed energy and how to shift it into following energy.


The Difference between Feeling Sorry For Yourself and Authentic Hurt

The Difference between Out of Control Thoughts and Real Feelings

How to Accept Your Depressed Energy Instead of Sighing it

Ways to Shift Depressed Energy into Healthy Flowing Energy with the ACE!


7 -Order the sex and sprit CD, "Spiritual Sex Therapy" with Ani Colt, editor of the journal, Spirituality & Sexuality.


How Sexual Energy, Solo or with Partners, Improves Physical, Emotion, Mental Health

The Difference Between Divine Sex and Mechanic Sex.

What Spiritual Sex really is like.

Ways to Achieve a Spiritual Connection with the Body

How Healthy Sexual Energy Reduces Depression.


Another Bonus Special: buy any 5 CDs for only $99.99.

8 -NYC's Shelley Ackerman teaches you " 7 Astrological Truths Help You Blaze Though Obstacles and Resolve Soul Issues." Order Now.

You Learn:

How the energy of the planets affect us as human beings.

The importance of having your chart's wisdom revealed.

What astrology tells you about your innate natural energy.

How astrology reveals inner strengths that you may not be acknowledging.

How to use this knowledge to blast though your life obstacles.

How to use your Astrological truths to resolve soul issues.

Bonus Special: Add self help tape series A Natural Process for Opening the Heart-Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem" to any CD order above for 50 % off, just $19.97