Licensed Philadelphia-based psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and health energy flow in the body and emotions   Dr. Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and healthy energy flow in the body and emotions; a Philadelphia psychologist since 1975 when she worked with Joe Wolpe, MD at Temple Medical School.
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Nature's Benefits: What Research Says About Personal Growth and Well-being from Being Outdoors

Embrace Mother Nature and Holistic Health


photo of bright pink dogwood tree in valley forge naturiaonl park

Pink Dogwood, Valley Forge National Park, April 21, 2012.

Spending Time in Mother Nature Makes You More Alive and Healthier

Get to know the facts about the reason people with health problems have always been offered a retreat in nature since time out of mind.

Read one of the most recent scientific studies about the psychological benefits of spending time in nature. 

Read a even more recent article in the New York Times about the reason trees matter.

Did you  know the Japanese have known for years that you need a "Forest Bath" to be healthy and sane? Check out the data. This is the reason the Japanese have such wonderful gardens and plant so many cherry trees.

The truth is, you also need a "Beach Bath," a "Moon Bath," and lots of other "Nature Baths" to stay holistically healthy and mentally healthy.

Dr. Jeanette created Nature Workshops to help you experience the benefits of connecting with Mother Earth so you can achieve better holistic health.

Nature Workshops are Dr. Jeanette's signature workshops which she started in 1985 to help you become stronger, freer, more assertive and self confident.

The Philadelphia Inquirer proclaimed Doris Jeanette, the "Siren of Spontaneity!" Noting "Her co-therapist is nature" and she does the "work of the gods."

Benefits You Enjoy After Attending a Nature Workshop:


Feelings of happiness
Bodily sensations
Physical strength
Colors and sounds
Feelings of closeness
Self confidence
and assertiveness


Blood pressure
Anxiety and aggression
Depression and passivity

Interested in a Dr. Jeanette's fun, playful, creative, mother nature workshops?

Read about Dr. Jeanette's next personal growth Nature Workshop in Cape May, NJ on May 5.

Mother Nature is the source of healthy energy.

Dr. Doris Jeanette carrying her groceries on top of her head like women of old.

Dr. Doris Jeanette has been taking people into nature for over twenty five years for personal growth.

Whether at the Beach in the Spring at Cape May, New Jersey or the Forest in the Fall, at Pt. Pleasant, PA, Dr. Jeanette has been turning people on to their natural power and vital energy for 25 years by using Mother Earth as her ally.

Expect peak experiences to occur.

"I highly recommend Doris Jeanette's workshops. I've taken the Nature Workshop and have known Doris for years. She's an excellent workshop leader and knows how to release your creative energy." Emily Hanlon, best selling author of Petersburg

Dr. Jeanette's experiential Nature Workshops are designed to be like travel. When you travel you let go of control and expand your awareness. Therefore, you go home a different and changed person.

Want to know more about Dr. Jeanette's self improvement, personal growth nature workshops?  Read more and sign up for Dr. Jeanette's Nature Workshops.

Questions? Call Doris Jeanette at 215-732-6197 or


All self esteem, holistic health, personal growth, self improvement workshops with Dr. Jeanette are relaxed and in tune with Mother Earth's Natural Healthy Energy Flow.
To be still and feel is divine.


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