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"Opening the Heart", Emotional Health E Book or Audio

Do relationships disappoint you? Are you missing something? Is your heart broken?

Your lover left you. You left your lover. The pain in your heart is so great you want to run away or hide forever. You feel numb, dead after your divorce...

You can't sleep, look in the mirror or understand what happened. The relationship is over or has been over and you do not understand or know why......What can you do to feel better? To heal? To grow?

Will the pain ever stop? Can you open your heart and love again? How can the next relationship be different?

Dr. Doris Jeanette's “Opening The Heart" information and emotional health guidance has helped thousands of women and men feel safe enough to love again and live a richer, more colorful life. She is a licensed psychologist with 30 + years of clinical experience. Her emotional health approach is original.

During stress, break ups, loss and divorce, the rock solid emotional health guidance offered on Dr. Jeanette’s self help audio provides the facts you need to love again, safety.

Learn how to protect yourself, your heart, your feelings, emotions...

Get the immediate love and acceptance you need to move forward.

You can hear, feel and receive loving energy from Dr. Jeanette's audio material.... real love helps you become stronger, healthier and happy.

Click here to Listen to the first 3 minutes of the first tape called Feelings. the source of authentic love.

Develop relationships skills so you become strong in relationships. The second life changing tape is on "Fear," the third self self tapes is on "Hurt."

These self help cds and tapes are like a mother who kisses your emotional wound and lovingly reassures you your wounded heart will heal.

"Life" changing is the word many people have used to describe Dr. Jeanette's emotional guidance.

Along with the comfort and love, Dr. Jeanette gives you the tools and information you need to make your emotional healing a reality.

Dr. Jeanette guides you, as she would do in person, into finding your own inner strengths. Therefore, you learn the natural process which opens your heart so you can find your own answers for the rest of your life.

You learn a rock solid, holistic psychology approach, based on learning research, physics and universal laws, not psychobabble or theory.

Listen to these self help tapes over and over again to believe in yourself so you fulfill your purpose in life. You deserve to have meaning and emotional riches beyond your imagination.

As one user said, "This year I listened to your tape on fear about 90 times. Each time, I get something new out of it." Carol B. writer

Use This Emotional Health Guide When You:
Suffer from a divorce,loss or break up.
Have low self esteem.
Your heart is broken.
You think too much and play too little.
You want to self actualize and enjoy life more.

Order Dr. J's material when You want to love but no not know how to love.

Use Dr. Jeanette’s self help product while:
Taking your walk.
Resting in bed before going to sleep.
Cleaning up after dinner.
On the subway or bus.
Feeling alone and blue on Saturday night.

"These are magnificent aural aids to psychospritual evolvement... Relaxing.... with a wise and hypnotic voice. Recommend highly!" Rochelle Holt, The Pilot

Use When you:
Feel upset.

Dr. Jeanette's self help tapes do not have annoying music or an irritating voice. They are not based on talk therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, yoga, psychotherapy or meditation.

"Wow. Your tapes blow me away. No one else is saying what you're saying. It makes perfect sense. They are helping me so much with my anxiety". Michael Chandler

When you put this loving audio in your ears...

You Feel:
In touch with your authentic self.
More powerful in knowing your own truth.
Secure in knowing your ego is not your true identify.
Strong enough to show up for yourself.

These emotional health self help audio tapes, cds and e book go well with Dr. Jeanette's lecture series on holistic psychology principles which offer didactic support for the inner work.

The Opening The Heart Audio Series also complements any other self improvement, self help book or program you may be using.

Dr. Jeanette tested everything on herself first, then taught her unique natural Body -Emotions -Energy -Flow system to her individual clients, groups and workshops. After 20 years she recorded this emotional health material to offer the public.

The cost is reasonable because Dr. Jeanette wants everyone to have equal access to safe, effective, natural ways to solve life’s problems and self actualize.

This information is cheap compared to the thousands of dollars most people spend in Talk Therapy year after year.

The cost is also affordable compared to one private session with Dr. Jeanette.

The tapes at $39.95 are a super bargain since the CDs sell for $99.99. The tapes are very limited in number.

In addition you get your money back if you are not fully satisfied with your self help product.

What do you have to lose?

Nothing but your heartache and broken heart! or your low self esteem, your bad feelings about yourself and your poor health.

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7 Top Benefits of Tapes:
1-Find your inner solid strengths.
2-Recognize the sneaky ego energy when it goes off balance.
3-Learn to give up feeling helpless and hopeless.
4-Learn to feel, express and be creative.
5-Love yourself instead of judge yourself.
6-Give up guilt and blame.
7-Use your natural skills and talents to feel better.

"Worth years of talk therapy!"

Rich content delivered in a voice that calms the nerves.

Audio: Click to Listen to Dr. J. now.

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"These tapes offer hope for the future, keys to opening our hearts, and the first step toward creating a whole, new way of living." Jenna Catherine, author of Conversing with the Future.

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