Licensed Philadelphia-based psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and health energy flow in the body and emotions  Dr. Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and healthy energy flow in the body and emotions; a Philadelphia psychologist since 1975 when she worked with Joe Wolpe, MD at Temple Medical School.
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"Tame Your Thoughts": a self-help, holistic psychology CD by Dr. Jeanette. Learn to relax and calm your mind and brain.

"Opening the Heart," audio or ebook on feelings, fear and hurt.

Our self-help audio heal your broken heart and improve your self-esteem.

Holistic Psychology Mentoring and Holistic Health Marketing Business Success Program

Imagine:  Daily holistic psychology answers to your clinical challenges, creative problem-solving sessions on safe, effective ways to empower your clients, and a marketing education that teaches you tested ways to attract clients and get your private practice blooming.

If that sounds exciting to you, you're a perfect candidate for the Holistic Psychology Mentoring Program.

Where do I turn for free publicity and marketing answers?

Who can help me develop my own intuition and natural talent?

Where can I learn to be proficient in holistic psychology instead of traditional talk therapy and psychotherapy?

Answer:   Dr. Jeanette's Holistic Psychology Mentoring Program

Holistic psychologist, Dr. Doris Jeanette, author of Opening the Heart and 16 other personal growth products, serves as your mentor. For more information about Dr. Jeanette read her bio and check out her vita.

Doris Jeanette, Psy.D., is a licensed psychologist, with 36 years of direct clinical experience.

She has a doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Baylor University and a post doc in Sex Therapy and Behavior Therapy from Temple Medical School with Joseph Wolpe M.D. However, she is not a traditional psychologist.

Doris has developed her own original system which is an alternative therapy. She teaches people how to use more of their human potential and natural talents. Her approach is not based on treatments or techniques.

Dr. Jeanette's mentoring approach is an experience.

Experiences teach you first hand about yourself, natural process, human energy and physical reality.

An Experience with Dr. Jeanette shows you how to:
1. Relax your body and reduce your anxiety.
2. Use your kinesthetic ability.
3. Be more assertive.
4. Express your emotions in healthy ways.
5. Use your empathic ability.
6. Read human energy.
7. Read body language.

"Doris Jeanette has dared to live at her edges, fall off the map of her known world, and come back to tame monsters." Jean Houston, Ph.D., mother of the human potential moment

People who have worked with Dr. Jeanette benefit because they learn how to move pass their learned, conditioned reactions.  They succeed in physically letting go of the false beliefs which are actively held in the body and nervous system.

If you join her mentoring program you can look forward to:

1. Improving your performance in your chosen work.
2. Being able to handle unexpected real life challenges.
3. Laughing more often with yourself and your clients.
4. Feeling more at ease in professional and personal situations.
5. More energy moving through your body.
6. Trusting your inner knowing.
7. Using your intuition and instincts in your daily life.

This means Doris includes the body, emotions and feelings when others do not.  She includes energy awareness when others do not.

She empowers you to be assertive and use your natural talents. She encourages you to be creative and intuitive.

Doris works with the root cause of problems, not with symptoms.

She works with the whole person in relationship to reality, not an isolated part of the person disconnected from their surroundings.

She sees the bigger natural healing process unfolding in your life and your client's life.

"Dr. Jeanette's energy is boundless, catching & contagious!" Lilith Rose. MSW, LCSW

Who is the Holistic Psychology Mentoring Program for?

Coaches, psychologists, hynotherapists, social workers, physicians and others who are interested in expanding their skill set to move beyond psychotherapy into the new, exciting, empowering methods available in the new psychology, holistic psychology and alternative therapies.

In addition, holistic health practitioners in massage, body work, energy work or nutrition who are interested in learning how to handle relationships issues, improve their ability to stay with people in emotional expression, confidentially, referrals to other professionals, and clinical problems as they come up.

It does not matter if you have a degree, if you are motivated and interested, Doris is here to help you succeed. If you are experienced or just beginning your practice, you can add more holistic psychology principles to your own approach.

Also, if you want to be licensed, Dr. Jeanette can provide the supervision you need.

You are the perfect psychologist ....a real person keeping it real. Just what I aspire to be!!! Megan Henry, hynotherapist

Many people are fed up with managed care, traditional talk psychotherapy, drugs and ungrounded psychics!

People are looking for professionals who are skillful in the exciting, alternative therapies. However, they need to find professionals who are emotionally secure enough to be there for them so they can explore their emotional energy and open their heart. 

This combination of professionalism and holistic psychology principles is the essence of what Dr. Jeanette teaches.

You will develop your own intuition, improve your emotional health, learn about human energy dynamics and maintain a high degree of ethics in your work.

You also learn how to grow your business so that it flourishes. Perhaps you do not even consider your private practice a business and yet, you have many marketing problems that you do not know how to solve.

Do you have questions like:

  • "What can I do to get more clients and make more money?"

  • "How do I get free PR and write a press release?"
  • "What can I do with my depressed people? The ways I learned in school aren't working."
  • "I know I have life experience but how do I use it to help others?"
  • "Everyone is talking about holistic psychology but their work sounds just like the old stuff. Where are the new, fresh solutions?
  • "Body language sounds interesting to me; How can I learn to read the body?"

With a membership in the Holistic Psychology Mentoring Program, you get swift, creative, and authentic answers.  You will find real solutions to your profession and personal problems.

When you feel upset with a client, you will get the help and support you need.  You have a caring group to help you respond professionally. 

At any time of the day or night, you have a ready group whom you can ask for feedback on your latest intuition or brilliant business idea.

"Thanks for blazing the trail to integrate emotional intelligence with business savvy!... Dr. Doris Jeanette is not only a successful healer and business women herself, she is an excellent guide for others." Diane Seaman, psychologist and astrologer

The Holistic Psychology Mentoring Program provides you with answers to clinical questions, information about how to use different aspects of holistic psychology in your own practice, information about Doris' original method, encouragement to find your own unique system, marketing ideas, coaching and feedback in a variety of ways to suit your learning style.

What Do I Receive as a Mentoring Program Member?
  • Unlimited attendance at monthly phone conference calls where you can ask any question you need answered during the call. Ask about holistic psychology, your clients and your business. Both Basic and Elite members can ask and receive answers.

  • Unlimited posting on the members-only, password-protected discussion board. Post your own questions at any time and get help almost immediately. This helps you improve your clinical work and business quickly. This will be more valuable than you can imagine. If you have never participated in a discussion broad you will be amazed at this value. Receive and give tips, tools and support to others in the group.

  • Unlimited attendance to special sessions in which a member receives concentrated feedback on any clinical issue, marketing problem or goal. These will be scheduled as requested. If you're a Basic Member, you can attend as many of these as you want. If you're an Elite member, you receive your own private consultation, three per year - as well as attending others.  (Below you'll find details of the two levels of membership.)

"I don't have time to bark up the wrong tree or reinvent the wheel, you distilled the actions I need to take. Thank you for the tools, especially the internet resources! What a great group -- I truly enjoyed it. You are a great director." Sophia Demus, psychologist
  • Doris' in house comments - commentary and observations on holistic psychology and daily living for members only.  Enjoy her Vibrant Moment and wish you had more?  It's an extra chance to learn from Doris, as things crop up she wants to comment on. She grew up on a tobacco farm and thinks in terms of growing corn. She will help you find out what really works and what doesn't work.

  • 40% off Doris's one-on-one consulting services, with the amount of the discount varying according to your membership type.  When you need to work on your own personal issues in more depth or get the coaching you need to expand your business, instead of $250.00 an hour, you pay just $175.00 an hour (Basic) or only $150 an hour (Elite).  This savings is enough to compensate you for the membership fee!  And as the mentoring program grows, Doris may restrict her private sessions to members only.  

  • 50% off the Holistic psychology educational audio as mp3s. Immediately learn how to shift your thinking into the holistic psychology point of view. Each audio covers a specific topic from anxiety to depression to body language to guilt and judgment. See how amazingly different the New Psychology approaches and solves psychological problems. Regular price is $29.97 each.

  • 20% off Doris' other downloadable reports, multimedia ecourse, ebooks and audio.

    "Opening the Heart," Dr. Jeanette's emotional health audio series, received high praise from Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross:

    "Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love your audio. I'm going to recommend it in my next newsletter."

As a Basic Member, you receive everything described above for $69 a month or $699 a year (two months free).  As an Elite Member, which costs $99 a month or $999 a year (two months free), you receive everything described above PLUS:

  • Posting of your photo, bio, telephone number, URL and 50-word profile in the public Professional Member Gallery.  This alone is worth the fee because it can catapult your web site listing with Goggle so people find you!  Your profile also assists you in networking with other members.

  • Three free Special Sessions a year - whenever you request them. If you need more than three, you can purchase additional consultations at the Elite Member price of $150 each.  They are a $250.00 value because they zero in on what you specifically need in order to advance your personal or professional growth.

    Your Special Sessions will be continuing holistic health education at its best. They are practical, fun and full of just what you need. Each one-hour session proceeds in this sequence:  First we define your goal or problem; then Doris provides suggestions and solutions, with input from you. Next, we invite listeners to ask questions or offer help.
    Special Session topics could included:
    Depressed Client, Help! Teaching Emotional Health
    Sound and Color Tools Getting Known Locally
    Developing Intuition Targeting a Niche.
    My Web site is Not Working Difficult Clients
  • A free copy of all Special Sessions that take place while you're a member, available as a downloadable MP3 file.  You can place a standing order for every feedback session so you can listen at your convenience. Or you can just order specific ones you expect to be useful to you.  Then listen to them on your walk or in your car.
"Your marketing workshop was a great catalyst, I refined my target audience and how to reach them. I learned to be much clearer with my intent and vocabulary. Thank you for a networking day filled with new ideas." Shirley Scranta, Director of International Shiatsu School.
  • A free copy of any new downloadable product released by Doris while you are a member.  Reports now in the works include "Depression. What it is and How to Change Your Energy." 

  • Joining bonus:  A one-hour interview as a mp3 with Marcia Yudkin spilling the beans on her "6 Principles of Clear Business Thinking." Sure to get you up to speed in no time so your business brain kicks in for success. Marcia is Doris' marketing mentor and author of 10 books. Regular price, $49.99.

Get ready for fun, success and empowerment. Here is a list of member benefits, so that you're clear on the differences between the Basic and Elite memberships.

Member Benefit Basic Members
OR $699/year
Elite Members
OR $999/year
Bi-weekly group phone conferences, where you can ask and receive answers and support on any clinical or business issues. Yes Yes
Access to the answers, information and support on members-only discussion board 24/7. Yes Yes
Unlimited posting of questions and support on members-only discussion broad 24/7. Yes Yes
Recipient of three Special Sessions a year. One of these can be a private session if you so choose.
(Estimated value: $250.00)
No Yes
Unlimited attendance at all Special Sessions Yes Yes

MP3 of all Special Sessions taking place while a member (Value: $39.95 each, if you want a CD add $10.00.)

$19.99 Free

20% Discount on all Holistic Psychology Workshops, Nature Workshops and Marketing Workshops.

Example: Get 20% off the Nature Workshop October 2011.

Yes Yes
Deep discounts on Doris' professional services, normally $250/hour. This benefit is extremely helpful if you are also in the Holistic Psychology Certification Program. $175.00 an hour $150.00 an hour
50% discount on holistic psychology audio. (Value: 29.97 each.) $29.97 $29.97
Free copy of Doris' new downloadable product No Yes
20% off previously released downloadable ecourse, "Overcoming Anxiety Naturally", special reports and "Opening the Heart" audio. Yes Yes
Joining bonus: Marcia Yudkin Clear Business Thinking mp3 No Yes
Access to Doris' ongoing comments Yes Yes
Active link from to your web site. No Yes

Please note that the fees listed above are for Charter Members.  After we reach a certain number of members, the fees will go up.  But as a Charter Member, you can keep renewing for the same fee you paid upon joining.  So don't put it off.  Sign up today! 

Questions?  Ask Dr. Jeanette your question by writing her right now. Or call her at 215-732-6197.

"As a result of Doris Jeanette's Marketing Workshop, I changed my web site and personalized my site to better reflect my niche. I get hits all the time and several referrals directly from my web site. I have also begun sending press releases for every new endeavor, which has resulted in a television appearance." Anne K. Crothers, M. Ed. Healing Works,

Want another benefit of membership you don't see listed above?  Please ask! 

And if you want new, alternative, holistic psychology information, education and marketing advice in developing your own strengths to grow your business and you agree that the above represents a tremendous value, become a Basic or Elite Holistic Psychology Mentoring Member today.  Join now!