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(East Coast) -August 25th, 2007
(East Coast) November 3, 2007

Are you thinking about increasing your income­ and just don’t know how or where to start?

Are you almost finished with a product and want to increase its chances of breaking out?

Do you want to put together a brilliant seminar or group that gets enough participants?

Do you want to catapult your local visibility, interest from media and meeting planners, and income?

If so, you’ll want to sign up for this intensive workshop in which Doris will coach you on how to create a one-of-a-kind marketing plan that brings in more clients and more money.

Are you thinking, “There are a lot of marketing coaches and marketing conferences/retreats out there. What makes yours special?”

Well, here are just a few comments from participants who have been thrilled with Doris Jeanette's Marketing Camp:

"As a result of Doris Jeanette's Marketing Workshop, I changed my web site and personalized my site to better reflect my niche. I get hits all the time and several referrals directly from my web site. I have also begun sending press releases for every new endeavor, which has resulted in a television appearance."

Anne K. Crothers, M. Ed. Healing Works,

"Your marketing workshop was a great catalyst, I refined my target audience and how to reach them. I learned to be much clearer with my intent and vocabulary. Thank you for a very interesting networking day filled with new ideas" ...Shirley Scranta, Director of International Shiatsu School.

"Your marketing workshop was an excellent blend of brainstorming and focusing. I don't have time to bark up the wrong tree or reinvent the wheel, your workshop distilled the actions I need to take. Thank you for the tools, especially the internet resources! What a great group -- I truly enjoyed it. You are a great director." ...Sohpia Demus, psychologist 

Why Should I Expand My Private Practice?

“It’s not enough to be the best at what you do, you must be perceived as the only one who does what you do.”  - Jerry Garcia

One of the most important things I’ve learned in 30+ years as a licensed psychologist with a flourishing private practice is that people need help.  I need help, you need help and your potential client, book reader, product user needs your help.

Continuing education never stops for those of us who want to do our best, enjoy life and fulfill our purpose in life.

This marketing workshop is a catalyst for connections and career/income opportunities that will exceed your wildest dreams.

It is a catalyst for positioning you as the go-to resource on your topic, for attracting media attention, raising your speaking/consulting fee, increasing your name recognition and perceived value, and for attracting clients who want to work with the best.

I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of people get their message out of their head and into the world where they’re making a positive difference for others and a profitable living for themselves.

In all that time, I have never met anyone who was sorry she expanded their private practice, created a product; started a book. I have only met people who were sorry they didn't’ . . . sooner.

If you do not reach your clients with your message you cannot help them.

If you’re ready to catapult your professional effectiveness, if you want to become known as THE preferred resource in your area of expertise, sign up for this hands-on weekend designed to help you turn your creative ideas into a reality.

What Can I Accomplish in a One Day Marketing Camp?

“I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to to dance better than myself.”
Mikhail Baryshnikov

If you’re like many would-be entrepreneurs, you’ve started, stopped, and re-started your ideas many times. You may even have tried to do a group and failed. You may have lost money on a seminar or spend too much on advertising that did not get results.

What I’ve found is your judgment about your mistakes are actually blocking your progress. It drains your energy and keeps you locked in inertia.

My premise is that to move forward ­ to get to the place where the ideas become reality you need to get clarity.  Clarity about your niche, clarity about what you can do and clarity about how to take actions that get results.

What valuable service do you offer?

I have a series of thought-provoking questions that help you crystallize why your approach to this topic is needed, why you feel passionately about it, and how it is different from what’s already available.  

Will I Finish a Press Release in Doris' Marketing Camp?

I do not promise you will finish anything in our day together.  In my opinion, it’s not possible to produce an excellent Press Release or project in one day.

I do promise you will crystallize a one-of-a-kind marketing plan that will drive your career and produce tangible benefits for you and clients.

I do promise a rewarding day in which you immerse yourself in your practice and learn how to expand it to make your life more enjoyable.

I do promise you opportunities to network with me and all the other participants for future referrals and assistant.

I do promise you, you will know what actions to take to get results.

As a bonus, you will receive an effective, one-page sample Press Release you can use to pitch your project to the media and online world. That alone makes the weekend worthwhile as consulting clients often pay Doris $200.00 an hour to clarify and take action on their marketing ideas.

And yes, you’ll learn how to get your web site up and running, increase online referrals and complete your personal creative idea.

There are only 6 people in the group so you get personalized attention.

Will I Spend Time Producing?

“Inspiration usually comes during work, not before it.”  - Madelaine L’Engle

Yes, you’ll have several opportunities throughout the day to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys.) Feel free to bring your laptop if that’s how you prefer to take notes and compose. You’ll have a chance to draft your elevator pitch, read it to others and hear constructive feedback.

You’ll develop your marketing plan and start filling it in with insightful ideas, specific how-to’s, and provocative insights from the other group members.

If you already have a marketing plan, you’ll receive specific suggestions on how to turn your ideas into money making results.

What If I’m Not Sure About my Niche or Topic?

“It don’t mean a thing if it don’t got that swing.”  - Duke Ellington

Many of you already know about my "Opening the Heart" audio and ebook which was endorsed by the late Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD. I have spend years crafting my own niche and creating new ones. As an Aries, I have ideas coming out my ears. I can help you get in touch with your niche and hold on to it for a successful ride.

I specialize in helping people come up with one-of-a-kind topics that help their projects break out.  I seem to have a gift (and believe me, I’m grateful for it) to help people come up with just the right niche that helps their career take off!

What Do Other People Say About Doris's Ability to Help Me Market My Private Practice, book or product?

"Thanks for blazing the trail to integrate emotional intelligence with business savvy!... Dr. Doris Jeanette is not only a successful healer and business women herself, she is an excellent guide for others. Check out her free professional resources page, it is great." ...Diane Seaman, psychologist and astrologer

"Dr. Doris Jeanette's workshop on Creative Marketing was both informational & inspiring. Dr. Jeanette's energy is boundless, catching & contagious!" Lilith Rose. MSW, LCSW

" Doris Jeanette's marketing suggestions saved me hundreds of dollars on unnecessary items and gave me practical advice that sparked me into taking new actions to promote my business."...Djuna Wojton, Author of Karmic Healing.

Are you ready to get your services out into the world? Are you ready to finally take action on your dream of becoming a successful small business owner? 

Are you ready to get your ideas out there so you can catapult your career and help position yourself as a nationally known expert on your topic?

If so,

You are welcome to print out the application page below and mail it to Doris Jeanette or call 215-732-6197. 

Recommended assignments will be given in advance. Please note: these are not mandatory, however answering these questions in advance beforehand will help you make the most of our time together.

Questions? Call Doris Jeanette at 215-732-6197. A complete outline of the Marketing Camp including directions will be sent upon registration.


 Application for Doris Jeanette's Marketing Camp ­  2007   


Saturday August 25th. . . Hands-on Workshop . . . 10:30am ­ 4:00 pm

Bring light lunch for 30 minute break.




You may register by printing this form and mailing it to: Doris Jeanette, 503 S. 21 St Philadelphia, PA 19146.

Questions? Call Doris at 215-732-6197 or email

** See below for the early registration price of $195.00.

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Early-Bird Rate:  $195.  Registration and payment due ten (10) business days before the event.


Regular Fee:  $250  (on a space available basis.)


Questions?  Prefer to register by phone?  Call Doris Jeanette at 215-732-6197 with your questions and to sign up on the spot.

Or, complete this registration form and mail it with your check to

503 S 21 St. Philadelphia, PA 19146 or call your credit card information to 215-732-6197.


 If paying by check, please make it payable to Doris Jeanette.


If paying by credit card, please provide following information.


Credit Card #_______________________________   Exp. Date ____________


Name on card: (Please print) _________________________________________

Please note:  In case of an emergency, please make your refund request in writing.  We will be glad to give a refund (minus a $30.00 processing fee), up to one week before the Book Camp. After that time, a credit will be issued for the amount paid which can be used towards any of Sam Horn's programs or products for up to 18 months.


Call Doris at 215-732-6197 or write