proclaims something or someone as good


or wrong.


To pass judgment.

JUDGMENT is used to CONTROL a person or situation.

You are relating unequally to someone or something,
when placing a judgment
from above or below upon.

Praise is as controlling as Punishment.

To judge something or someone as good is as controlling as to judge them as bad.


We have all been conditioned into "good girls" and "good boys" so effectively we are plastic monsters and non feeling automatons.




when you judge

You remove yourself from the interaction, keeping yourself separate. When separate you do not experience what is really happening.

This means...............................................You miss all the fun!!

Instead, of having fun, you experience your own thoughts. This means you miss the many opportunities for pleasure around you.





is the major way you control yourself.

Control is different from real power.

Power is healthy flowing energy. Control is energy which is controlled (not allowed to move) or out of control (forced to move too fast). To learn how to tell the difference between real power which is flowing energy and controlled and out of control energy study, the emotional health guide, "Opening the Heart."

Judgment controls you and spoils your fun.

Even when you are being judgmental of others, you are still controlling yourself. Whereas, the person you judge may or may not be controlled by you.

However, your act of judging always controls you.



Yelp, your judgment always spoils your fun.

You are a head without a heart.

Critical, Controlling Eyes!



Judgment is mental energy without feelings.

"Hitler Energy" is what Dr. Jeanette calls, "mental energy without a heart."

JUDGMENT results in GUILT. Guilt is the most awful experience a human being can have. Guilt is the biggest waste and most destructive force in the world.

Guilt needs to be eliminated and never used to make life choices. Guilt twists and binds your energy into sick knots. It is a total waste of human energy. Begin to release your guild and misery immediately.

If there is a real reason to feel guilty, correct the problem and cease your judgments.

Letting go of guilt releases more human energy than anything else in the world. For more help in giving up guilt, read or listen to "Opening the Heart."

Become conscious of your own judgment.

As you release your judgment, you relax and enjoy life.

You become a part of life and the living, rather than being controlled and dead.

Feel the difference in your energy as you defend (judge) yourself and as you relax without judgment. Dr. Jeanette's "Opening the Heart" audio tapes, CDs or e book teach you how to live your life without judgment so you can have more fun and feel better about yourself. These 3 self help CDs, tapes or ebook guide you into emotional health and emotional wellness. Dr. Jeanette's voice is a comforting, calming vibration to your nerves, body and soul. Learn to feel your emotions and feelings ................Listen to her loving voice right now.....

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