Licensed Philadelphia-based psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and health energy flow in the body and emotions  Dr. Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning research and healthy energy flow in the body and emotions; a Philadelphia psychologist since 1975 when she worked with Joe Wolpe, MD at Temple Medical School.
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Dr. Doris Jeanette is a Holistic Psychologist Offering a Healthy, Effective, Alternative to Psychotherapy and Medication

Her New Psychology teaches you how to use your natural talents and innate skills so you overcome anxiety and unlearn unhealthy reactions.  She is available worldwide via phone and internet as a mentor or coach.

Writer Maralyn Lois Polak of the Philadelphia Inquirer says:

Doris Jeanette does the

"Work of the gods" ... "Her co-therapist is Nature."

She is "warm, genuinely likable."..."the Siren of Spontaneity."

"Just as she's gone from driving a van to a Mercedes roadster to a motorcycle and now going mostly everywhere on foot, she's achieved admirable electricity in her work, moving from sex therapy and feminist therapy to the further reaches of new science."

Bio for Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.

From her first success stories at Temple Medical School in 1975 with the eminent Joseph Wolpe, MD, Doris Jeanette, Psy.D has excelled at helping people feel good, love more and live their dream.

She has appeared on local and National radios shows such as NBC, National Public Radio and TV. She has been featured in major national and international print publications such as Woman's Day, Men's Health, Chicago Tribune, The Philadelphia Inquirer, My Business Magazine, Au Courant, City Paper, the Swedish press and many online publications in USA, France, UK and Australia.

As the radio show host of “Live at the Edge", she gives her global audience the tools and inspiration needed to live an extraordinary life. Her well known guests have included Dr. Charles Tart, Lynn Andrews, Dr. Anne Smith and Steven Halpern.

Dr. Jeanette founded the Center for New Psychology in 1999 with a global vision: Multicultural people need to focus on their strengths and use their innate abilities in order to flourish. Her job is to provide the information and tools people need to become strong, healthy and happy.

Doris Jeanette is the author of “Opening the Heart”, an emotional health guide, which were highly praised by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD. She has produced 10 holistic psychology self help, educational CDs which offer safe, effective solutions to anxiety, depression, guilt, judgment and relationships problems. In addition, she is author of an online course called, “Overcoming Anxiety Naturally.”

Dr. Jeanette has published articles in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Metro Newspaper, Natural Health and Beauty Magazine, Progressive Health, Magical Blend, Milestones, Holistic Health, Behavioral Research Journal and dozens of other publications. She was a Sex and Love columnist for New Visions Magazine for three years and a Sexual Health columnist for Philly FIT magazine for three years.

Her professional goal is to help people achieve solid physical self esteem so they fulfill their purpose in life. Her life goal is to use her own gifts to bring joy, laughter and love to others so they take proper care of themselves and then do the same for Mother Earth.

Since 1975, Dr. Jeanette’s speaking clients have included, University of Pennsylvania, The Philadelphia Alliance, The American Institute of Medical Education, Business Organizations, the US Army, International House, Corporate organizations, International Women’s Writing Guild, Swathmore College, University for Global Well Being in Sweden, Sixth Star, Jefferson Medical School, Business associations, Whole Earth Expos, International Association of New Science, Philadelphia Ethical Society, Royal Caribbean, Quaker organizations, Jewish organizations, Mental Health organizations and women's groups.

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To contact Dr. Jeanette Call: 215-732-6197 or

"Doris Jeanette has dared to live at her edges, fall off the map of her known world, and come back with the means to tame monsters." Jean Houston, Ph.D., pioneer in human potential movement

“Enjoyed your bubbly energy, you must be a dynamic therapist. Hope you come to New Hampshire next month.” RK

"Your writing reflects your total surrender to the angel child inside of you! It's pure innocence put down in words! You are helping to be a way shower-showing the way to return to innocence." Jayne Howard, author of COMMUNE WITH THE ANGELS

What people say about Doris Jeanette ....

"When I think of her the two words that come to mind are love and fun."   Robin Taylor introducing Doris as the speaker at a Health Organization

"That's the most powerful group exercises we've ever had."  Host of Theosophical Society retreat

"What I really like is her playfulness" Anonymous, workshop participant

"No term other than providential would be the appropriate one to write of the rewarding experience which has been mine since our brief recent sessions." Dr. A. Todd.  University professor

"I've listened to your fear tape (Included in the Opening the Heart audio series) before, but today I really heard it--It is wonderful--delicious-----I'm really tickled to have it."   A body worker professional

"I suddenly became aware my critical voice had stopped and I was able to actually hear what other people in the group were saying."   Anonymous Nature Workshop participant

"Doris Jeanette totally changed the way I felt and saw my anger." Best selling author Emily Hanlon, of Petersburg.

"I just had the best sex I've had in twenty years."  Anonymous male

"If people really find out about this stuff, the drug companies will be out of business."   Sara

"You gave me hope." Anonymous depressed client

"I've been able to stay in my body so much more ever since that day in the Forest."   Anonymous male

"I really liked the way she changed the way I saw her, not just as the leader but as a person I could care about."   Anonymous group member

Dr. Jeanette has published scientific journal articles, chapters in books, articles in magazines, as well as poetry. She has performed her performance pieces in galleries and at conferences.

Doris Jeanette has written children's books, SUNSHINE AND RAIN and COLOR ME LOVE, which are currently unpublished.

Her book, Fear is the Pathway to Freedom and Joy, is actively looking for a publisher.

Doris Jeanette is a Philadelphia psychologist who works with clients and students on the phone.  In addition to individual consultations you can study with her from any location in the world by joining her Holistic Psychology Mentoring Program. Click here for information on her Holistic Psychology Mentoring PRogram.

To contact Dr. Jeanette Call: 215-732-6197 or