Licensed Philadelphia-based psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and health energy flow in the body and emotions  Dr. Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and healthy energy flow in the body and emotions; a Philadelphia psychologist since 1975 when she worked with Joe Wolpe, MD at Temple Medical School.
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The Center for New Psychology Offers You Two Ways to Learn Holistic Psychology

A Holistic Psychology Education Will Improve Your Effectiveness as  a Professional or Student

Home grown orchid by Doris Jeanette in purple, pink, red tones.

Orchid grown and photographed by Doris Jeanette

Two Holistic Psychology Educational Programs are Available Through the Center for New Psychology

The Center for New Psychology teaches a holistic psychology which is grounded in learning research, energy awareness, body consciousness, professionalism and healthy emotional expression. 

The school teaches basic holistic psychology principles which can be integrated into your own clinical system. Click here to read the definition of holistic psychology.

The Holistic Psychology Educational Programs take place in Philadelphia, PA, Glenwood Springs, CO and Nature Parks. To reach a global audience, modern online technology is often used. 

Each of the two Holistic Psychology School Educational Programs compliment each other. They are set up to feed and interact with one another to better serve your needs as a working professional or student. You can also choose the single option that best meets your needs. 

You do not need a degree to participate in any of these educational programs in holistic psychology but you do need to apply in order to be accepted into the certification program.

1. Option One:  Individual Professional Energy Intensives

Set up your own private program with Dr. Jeanette to meet your professional needs. If you want to learn to read body language and energy to enhance your work with others and improve your own health, this is the best option. Two or three day Energy Intensives are organized around your unique professional needs at any available time during the year in Philadelphia, PA or Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Sunset over the lake in Marine, bright reds, organge colors streak the sky.Sunset, Lake Regions, Maine

3.  Option Two:  Holistic Psychology Certificate from the Center for New Psychology

You can be certified in Holistic Psychology through the Center for New Psychology. A prior degree is not necessary, however, you need to demonstrate your intentions and natural abilities by applying to work in this program. Application process is below.

The Holistic Psychology school program is set up so you can complete the certification in a year but there is no time limit. You can take as long as you choose to meet the requirements. It is set up for working professionals who live around the world so it is flexible and creative.

Holistic Psychology Certificate Level 1 Requirements:

1. Study the 9 holistic psychology topics taught in the educational self help audio. Click here for complete list of educational holistic psychology audio.

2. Take and complete the Overcoming Anxiety Naturally online course: Click here for more information on the natural anxiety course.

3. Attend two Nature Workshops. One at the Ocean and and one in the Forest.  Being able to sense, connect with and use Earth's Energy is mandatory for success in empowering your clients. Click here for more information on Nature Workshops.

Nature Workshop with people walking through the Forest

4. Attend two Human Energy Workshops lead by Dr. Jeanette. Being able to read and sense energy is essential for anyone practicing holistic psychology.  Using a "energy technique or system"  is not adequate for the new, holistic psychologist.  It is essential for you to connect with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the person in front of you in the moment. This means you must be spontaneously responding to what your client needs in the moment.  You cannot be in your tool box using your learned and fixed techniques. Click here for more about how you can learn to read energy and body language.  Energy Awareness Workshop and Training.

5.  Take the Holistic Psychology Assertiveness Training online course.

6. 20 private sessions with Dr. Jeanette. Direct experience is the most powerful way to learn clinical skills. Working with a skilled teacher is the best way to learn how to open your own heart, feel our emotions and sense energy effectively. This will assist your personal energy clearing. Then you will be able to sense others without interference from your own field energy.

Your individual sessions can be in person or on the phone. Dr. Jeanette is empathic so she can sense energy on the phone as well as in person. You learn how to develop your natural abilities so you can sense energy.

7. You will also be expected to listen to 10 hours of free interviews with other professionals on Live at the Edge radio. Interviews with Dr. Charles Tart, Carol Christ, Lynn Andrews and others.

At the end of your training in holistic psychology you need to take and pass an oral exam.

Application Requirements for the Holistic Psychology Certificate

To apply for the Center for New Psychology Certification Program in Holistic Psychology you need to provide Dr. Doris Jeanette via email the information below.

1.  A written statement expressing the reason you are interested in learning about holistic psychology and how it fits into your career goals.

2.  Clinical information about your current skill level by providing a vita, resume, web site or samples of your work. Natural ability is essential so feel free to communicate what you do well. Degrees are not necessary, however a high degree of desire and natural talent is necessary.

Dr. Jeanette is interested in working with people who are motivated and interested in developing their own natural talents and skills.

She welcomes beginners as well as counselors, social workers, massage therapists, psychologists, nurses, medical doctors and coaches.

After Dr. Jeanette receives your email she will contact you and set up a phone interview with you. 

If she does not get back to you in a few days email again or call 215-732-6197 in case your email was not received.



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