Licensed Philadelphia-based psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and health energy flow in the body and emotions   Dr. Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and healthy energy flow in the body and emotions; a Philadelphia psychologist since 1975 when she worked with Joe Wolpe, MD at Temple Medical School.
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Looking for a Professional Holistic Psychology Education? Want to be Certified in Holistic Psychology?

If so, You Can Receive a Holistic Psychology Certificate Through the Center for New Psychology.

Dr. Doris Jeanette is the director of the Center for New Psychology. If you do not know how the new, holistic psychology is different from the current, managed care psychology, please read Dr. Jeanette's holistic psychology definition. 

Dr. Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with 36 years of clinical experience. Check out her bio here. Read her vita here. 

You do not need a degree to receive a holistic psychology certificate. However, you do need to demonstrate your natural abilities and commitment to helping others. This means you need to apply for the Holistic Psychology Certification Program. You will find the simple application process at the bottom of this page.

The Holistic Psychology educational program is set up so you can take as long as you choose to meet the requirements.

This holistic psychology educational program is set up for working professionals who live around the world so it is flexible and creative.

Dr. Jeanette also has a Holistic Psychology Mentoring Program which complements the Holistic Psychology Certification Program. The advantage of joining the Mentoring Program is you receive discounts on the required courses, classes and educational audio needed for the certification program.  Read more about the Holistic Psychology Mentoring Program.

The two programs are flexible and interchangeable. You can join the mentoring program and work on your certification at the same time.  This combination is recommended for working professionals or people just beginning their practice. Or you can join the program that suits your needs and forget the other. 

Benefits You Receive From Studying Holistic Psychology with Dr. Jeanette

When you receive your Holistic Psychology Certificate you have more self confidence in your ability to help others achieve holistic health.

You know how learning research, the laws of physics, body awareness, energy awareness and emotional expression can be used to improve a person's health and well-being without using medication or drugs.

You are educated on how healthy emotional expression is necessary for holistic health. You discover how inhibiting healthy emotional expression creates diseases in the mind and body.

In addition, you learn how to teach your clients and patients to access and use their inner knowing and strengths for freedom, happiness and vibrant health.

You learn a great deal of new psychology information and many safe, effective techniques to put in your tool box. For example, Dr. Jeanette is knowledgeable about color therapy and sound therapy.

However, Dr. Jeanette does not teach you to depend on any treatment, tool or technique for success. Any treatment or technique is only as good as the person using it.

Instead, you learn to depend on your inner knowing, intuition, emotional feedback and instincts. This means you learn to be powerful and effective in the moment with your clients and patients.

Requirements for the Center for New Psychology Holistic Psychology Certificate Level 1:

1.  Take the "Overcoming Anxiety Naturally" home study course: This course is required because it gives you the basic body tools that are needed for permanent personal growth and holistic health. Anxiety is the source problem that must be reduced in order to achieve holistic health. You also learn the body tools needed for transformational work. Click here for information on the natural anxiety home study course.

2. Attend two Nature Workshops in person.  Nature workshops are required because you must also be able to get grounded and stay grounded to do any sort of healing work. You need to be able to sense and use Mother Earth's energy to be effective in healing mental, emotional or physical problems. There are two nature workshops a year, one the fall and one in the spring. Click here for more information on how to attend a Nature Workshop.

Nature Workshop with people walking through the Forest

3.  Attend two Human Energy Workshops in person taught by Dr. Doris Jeanette. Being able to read and sense energy is essential for anyone practicing holistic psychology, alternative therapies or alternative medicine.  Using any "technique"  is not adequate. You must connect with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the person you are working with in order to be effective. This means you must be spontaneously responding to what your client needs in the moment.  You cannot be using your learned and fixed techniques or treatments. Click here for more about how you can learn to read human energy and body language.  Human Energy Awareness Workshop and Training.

4.  Take the Holistic Psychology Assertiveness Training home study course.  Assertive behavior is essential for holistic health and very few people have received an adequate education in Assertiveness Training.  Assertiveness is healthy emotional expression and can be learned. Click here to learn more about the Assertiveness Training home study course, taught by Dr. Jeanette.

5.  Actively participate in 30 private sessions with Dr. Jeanette. Think of this as a holistic psychology apprenticeship. Direct experience is the only way to learn clinical skills. Working with a skilled teacher is the best way to learn the natural pathway to holistic health so you can teach it to others. This healing experience will assist your personal growth so you can be helpful to others.

Your individual sessions can be in person or on the phone. Dr. Jeanette is empathic and kinesthetic so she can sense energy on the phone as well as in person. If you are not kinesthetic, there is no problem. You learn to develop your own natural abilities so you sense energy in your own way.

6. Study the 10 holistic psychology topics taught in the educational personal growth audio. Click here for complete list of educational holistic psychology audio.

7. Study Body Language. Listen to the Body Language Introduction audio and attend eight hours of Body Language Group Phone Sessions taught by Dr. Jeanette.

7.  Listen to 10 hours of free interviews with other professionals on Live at the Edge radio. Interviews with Dr. Charles Tart, Carol Christ, Lynn Andrews and others. For example: Hear the interview with Dr. Charles Tart. You will receive this list when you are accepted into the program.

8. Read all of the free articles in the free library at

At the end of your training in holistic psychology you will take and pass an oral examination.

Application Procedure for the Holistic Psychology Certificate Program

To apply for the Center for New Psychology Certification Program in Holistic Psychology provide Dr. Doris Jeanette via email the following information.

1.  A written statement expressing the reason you are interested in learning about holistic psychology and how it fits into your career goals.

2.  Clinical information about your current skill level by providing a vita, resume, web site or samples of your work. Please do not send an attachment. Send a url or paste your information in the email.

Natural ability is essential so feel free to communicate any of your strengths. Degrees are not necessary, however motivation is essential.

Dr. Jeanette is interested in working with people and professionals who are interested in developing their own natural talents and skills to help others.

She welcomes beginners as well as counselors, social workers, massage therapists, psychologists, nurses, medical doctors and coaches.

After Dr. Jeanette receives your application via email she will contact you and set up a phone interview with you. 

If she does not get back to you in a few days email again or call 215-732-6197 in case your email was not received.

Questions? Call Doris Jeanette at 215-732-6197 or


To be still and feel is divine.