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Holistic Psychology Question

Can you help a reoccurring compulsive gambler and addictive personality disorder? Which is probably the result of a screwed up childhood? Jayson Diorio

Holistic Psychology Answer

Compulsive gambling is like any other compulsive behavior, such as nail biting, over eating or watching too much television. It is an anxiety response. And yes, we learned to be anxious in our childhood. It is said that six million people suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. You are in good company; many movie stars have this behavior. You are gambling in order to avoid feeling anxious.

Compulsive behaviors are ways you "bind" your anxiety, trying to "hold" yourself together. They are forms of control; gambling is how you control yourself. In other words people develop these seemingly strange behaviors when they are creating an "illusion of safety." I say an "illusion of safety" because you are not really any safer and your anxiety is still there. You just don't pay any attention to it and it gets worse and worse! 

The source of the anxiety is what you need to attend to. When you stop and directly experience the anxiety, you can then get deeper into the fear. The real fear is what you want to become aware of. The difference between fear and anxiety is made clear in my Fear audio, which is in the Opening the Heart audio. Both the anxiety and fear are in your autonomic nervous system and held throughout your body in all the places where it is too tense and or too fat.
You can use any technique that helps you. But a technique is a technique; it may or may not get rid of your symptom, and it is not necessarily helping you feel safer in the world. 
My take on the situation is that your energy is out of control. All out of control and all controlled energy is the result of fear.  Both out of control behaviors and controlled behaviors are anxiety responses. You may find your energy flip flopping back and forth between moving too fast and too slow. You gamble too much or don't let yourself gamble at all. Alcoholics do this frequently. They drink too much or not at all. Controlled behavior usually results in out of control behavior later. Likewise out of control behavior reverts back to controlled behavior. What we want is the authentic natural flow of energy because it is our god/goddess/nature given power. It is our real strength with which we can be healthy and alive and enjoying being so.
So my approach is to eliminate this out of control energy out of your body. The best way to do this is to learn to relax and overcome anxiety naturally. Check out the affordable, Overcoming Anxiety Naturally online course. This course includes the Opening the Heart audio mentioned above.

What I would do is first help you stop judging yourself about the behavior. To judge this or any other behavior only makes matters worse. It is our judgment of the problem that makes us so miserable and unhappy. Whether with eating too much or gambling too much, try to accept yourself. Be accepting and loving with yourself that you have developed these "ways" to try to feel safe. What you want is to love yourself in your journey toward self-realization.

First you have to become aware of your anxiety. The next time you feel you must "gamble" or "turn on the tube" or "jump up and wash the dishes" sit down and feel what happens inside of you when you don't! This is your anxiety.  

When you feel like gambling is the time to do your anxiety reduction, relaxation exercises. Do these behaviors instead of gambling.

Every one of us carries huge amount of fear in our body; that is the reason we are so rigid, unhealthy and miserable. If we would just let our real fear flow, we would face new ones each day and groove right on down the river. Life is a series of facing more and more fears. If you are looking for a guarantee that you won't fall, get sick, be judged or displease someone, forget it.
The more relaxed you are, the more you will respond appropriately to any real physical danger. Trust your relaxed body to response perfectly to any and all situations. It will. 
That is the reason your real fear is important. You want to feel it and honor it; it might safe your life.

I do so hope this has helped you and would love to hear how you received it. Thanks for the question and next month we have a goodie!

Ways to Stop Gambling:

An affordable, safe, effective way to reduce your anxiety so you do not go out and gamble is to take Dr. Jeanette's online course Overcoming Anxiety Naturally. If you prefer CDs to mp3s, you can also order audio CDs. 10 written lessons and 5 hours of audio.

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You can also set up a private session with Dr. Jeanette for 200.00 per hour to solve your gambling problems. Click here to order your private phone session so you can stop gambling and relax and enjoy your money and your life.  How sweet it is to relax.