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Men Who Wear Panties, Sexual Health Question:  Is it OK for a guy to wear women's panties instead of guy stuff? Anonymous

Men Who Wear Panties, Sexual Health Answer

Is it OK for a woman to wear men's pants instead of gal stuff? Of course.  The idea that only men can wear certain clothes and only women can wear certain clothes is at the heart of how we judge our sexual selves.

So stop judging yourself about the fact that you wear women's panties.  It is healthy to explore your sexuality in all regards.  As long as you do not hurt yourself or anyone else, you can wear anything you want to wear.

It is healthy to be free, sensuous and sexy. Healthy sex is good for you.

However, if you cannot have an orgasm without wearing women's panties or women's clothing you have a sexual problem.

If you cannot experience sexual pleasure unless you are dressed up like a woman, then your sexuality is extremely limited and controlled.

You are trapped in an unfortunate situation because you cannot have fun and enjoy other sexual activities. When you do not get sexually aroused by anything other than women's panties, you are stuck in a rigid sexual behavior.

Therefore, you need to allow yourself to get sexually aroused and excited by lots of other things besides panties. Otherwise, your sex life will be boring, crippled and mundane.

If you cannot have an orgasm without wearing women's panties you need to seek sex therapy and relationship counseling to help you enjoy sexual orgasms in lots of different ways.

The other psychological problem that often occurs with men who wear women's panties is a thinking problem.

Ask yourself, "Do I think about wearing women's panties often during the day? Do I think about wearing women's panties at night?"

If so, this can be an annoying problem that you need to get help in overcoming. Your obsessive thinking about wearing women's panties can drive you crazy.

If you are constantly thinking about wearing women's panties, this means you have an obsessive thought problem.  Obsessing thinking is a mental health problem.

Wearing women's panties is not a problem. However, obsessing about wearing women's panties is a problem.

Obsessing about anything, anyone or any object is extremely unhealthy.  Obsessive thinking keeps you from enjoying life and it destroys your chances for good sex and a wonderful love life.

If you fall in this category, you need to learn how to stop obsessing about women's panties.

When you learn to stop obsessing about women's panties, you will be able to have good sex. I wrote the special report, "Empowerment for Men: Love and Understanding for Men Who Wear Panties," to help you understand your sexual behavior and stop obsessing about women's panties. You can order it below.

Another problem you may have is your love relationship.

Many men who wear women's panties enter sex therapy or relationship therapy when their wife or girlfriend finds out they have been wearing women's panties.

Having secrets can be extremely stressful on your marriage or love relationship. Having to hide your behavior of wearing women's panties from your wife or girlfriend can destroy the marriage or relationship.

You can save your marriage if you take positive actions before it is too late. You deserve to have a good marriage and a good sex life. You deserve to hold your head high and feel good about yourself. So don't get catch in the "I could lose my marriage" trap.

If you have any guilt and shame about wearing women's panties, I hope you say goodbye to these negative ways of relating to yourself. Instead, take positive personal growth actions which make you feel good about yourself and leave you feeling sexually satisfied.

My desire is for everyone to have good sexual health, especially men who wear panties.

Resources to Help Men Who Wear Women's Panties

1. "For Men: Become A Better Lover," is a home study course that teaches you how to stop obsessing about panties so you can make love and enjoy it. You learn to relax so you can access your natural love making skills and use them successfully.10 written lessons and 7 hours of audio, $299.97 Read more and order: your sexual health online course.

2. "Empowerment for Men: Love and Understanding for Men Who Wear Panties." This is a special report, 17 pages, PDF format, $9.97.

This special report written by Dr. Jeanette will guide you and advise you about how to improve your sex life so that you have more pleasure and more love.

You will have a better understanding of your sexual behavior and know the importance of your sexual history. This will help you make sense of the reasons you wear women's panties.

The information in the report will give you support to stop making yourself wrong or bad about your sexual behavior of wearing women's panties.

You also receive guidance about how to feel better about yourself and specific directions on how to stop thinking so much about wearing women's panties. 

If this sounds helpful and hopeful, order the special report made for men who wear women's panties: "Empowerment for Men: Love and Understanding for Men Who Wear Panties." 17 pages, PDF format, $9.97.

Do not be afraid of ordering because the name on the order form and your credit card bill do not say anything revealing or exposing.

There is a money back guarantee, no questions asked.

special report for men who wear women's panties from sex expert

Testimonials from men who have read this report.

"Thank you for helping me understand my behavior, I have more compassion for myself."

"I want to set up an appointment with you after reading this report. I need to explore my obsession with wearing women's panties. It is driving me crazy."

Order the special report made for men who wear women's panties: "Empowerment for Men: Love and Understanding for Men Who Wear Panties." 17 pages, PDF format, $9.97 and you feel better tonight.


Doris Jeanette, Psy.D is a licensed psychologist and trained sex therapist since 1976 helping men and women enjoy healthy sex without guilt and shame. Read more about Dr. Jeanette as a sex therapist and sex experts.

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