Licensed Philadelphia-based psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and health energy flow in the body and emotions  Dr. Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and healthy energy flow in the body and emotions; a Philadelphia psychologist since 1975 when she worked with Joe Wolpe, MD at Temple Medical School.
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"Hear Your Body Talking": a body language, holistic psychology educational CD by Dr. Jeanette. Learn why you have and need a body!

A happy Dr. Doris Jeanette is carrying bags on her head like women of old!  See Doris Jeanette be a peak performer.Emotional Health Audio, "Opening the Heart" audio and ebook on feelings, fear, and hurt.  Learn about your emotions and feelings.

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Drugs are not the answer. Get high on your emotions!
Our self-help audio heals your broken heart and improves your self-esteem.


Testimonials For Dr. Doris Jeanette

Unsolicited, Heart-Felt Feedback about Dr. Jeanette and Her Clinical Services, Audio, Courses and Workshops


Read Client Recommendations based on her private phone and in-person sessions

Praise for the Opening the Heart Audio Series

"Wow! Thanks soooooo much for the Opening the Heart audio which I received a couple of days ago. There is so much rich content in all 3 of them. I find them so helpful because there are not many trustworthy resources that have the guts to approach these untouchable topics. I cannot tell you how alone, confused, and stuck I feel. I am hopeful that the work with your audio will bring light to my darkness " Gloria R. Nash, MA, from NYC of N R G: Natural Resources for Growth


I wanted to let you know I received your Opening the Heart audio today. I cannot believe how fast they got here. I have already listened to one (hurting). The audio is excellent. It is like you are talking right to me and know what's in my mind. I plan on listening to all three many times because I know each time I listen I will "hear" something I didn't hear before or I will hear something I need right then." Thank you so much. Patty Smith


"Your voice is a pleasure to listen to on the Opening the Heart audio and you say things, which really do hit home. As they say, "it's the little things that count" and it was so nice to receive them with your handwritten message - that sort of personal touch is very rare nowadays so thank you for that." Blessings, Gillian in Austria


"Dr Jeanette- Finally listened to your Opening the Heart audio. They are indeed lovely. Thanks for making them. It is often so difficult to find the right stimulus to have a good cry for someone who has been living in their head. But you accomplished this beautifully! And the best part if that is they can be listened to over and over, on demand, with no extra charge! Cindy

Testimonials for Holistic, New Psychology Audio Telseminars

"I enjoyed your Guilt Teleseminar audio thoroughly Doris. You have more to share, I can tell. Thanks, I will pass this great information about your site and audio along to my friends." Roxanne Rox


"Excellent Teleseminar! Good job! Your self help audio on Guilt and Judgment was clear, well organized and beautifully presented. Most of all, the material and your energy perspective can help facilitate lightening up on my pesky thought patterns of judgment and guilt". Ani Colt, Founder of Spirituality&Sexuality


"That was awesome! What a great audio, Tame Your Thoughts! Thank you, Dr. Jeanette! It was stuff that we've talked about before, but for some reason it really hit me last night during the teleseminar. Now I understand even more why I need to remember that what my head says is illusion, but what my heart is telling me is real. I get it! G. in DC.

Testimonials as a Speaker and Teacher

"I was very appreciative of your lectures on the cruise.(Grandeur Of The Seas) They were very helpful and fun. Even on the last day I could not participate much in the circle due to my back injury but I learned a lot, and became a better person, as did my cousin. Life can be really enjoyable." Thanks again, K. Dutson from Utah


"The participants in your workshop all indicated that they were extremely satisfied. Below are some of their comments:

'It was a very open and accepting atmosphere.'

'More! More!'

'The workshop built a great energy.'

'I liked the interaction the best.'

'I feel great!'

Thanks again for speaking to us at the Mazzoni Center."

Elizabeth Byrne MA


"Since my inception into the world of Doris Jeanette, I have realized a totally different way of thinking & relating to the world around me & MYSELF! Guilt & Judgment were instilled in my brain & I didn't even realize it. I am relieved to let go of all of this negative energy & allow myself to be ME without judgments from others or myself" Elieen, a nurse