Licensed Philadelphia-based psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and health energy flow in the body and emotions   Dr. Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and healthy energy flow in the body and emotions; a Philadelphia psychologist since 1975 when she worked with Joe Wolpe, MD at Temple Medical School.
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Would You Like to Add Human Energy to Your Professional Practice?  Do You Need to Improve Your Own Holistic Health?

Learn How to Sense Human Energy and Achieve Holistic Health

The next human energy workshop taught by Dr. Doris Jeanette is Saturday, December 5-6, 2015.

"Add Human Energy Awareness to Your Healing Practice," a two day energy healing workshop in Center City, Philadelphia, PA., 503 S. 21 Street.

Close to public transportation from NYC and Washington, DC. Time: 10:30 am-6:30 pm on Saturday, 9:30 am to 3:00 pm on Sunday. Tax deductible as professional development and continuing education.

Energy awareness gives you a powerful tool never before available to psychologists, holistic health professionals or individuals.

In two days, learn how to use more of your natural talents and innate abilities to sense human energy.

This workshop is perfect for you if you want to enhance and speed up your professional energy healing work with clients.

The workshop is also open to you if you want to increase your energy flow so your physical health and mental health improves.

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is." Albert Einstein

Miracles become possible when you know the difference between what is alive and what is dead. Albert Einstein knew that energy was in all matter.

You can learn to sense healthy energy and unhealthy energy so you can heal yourself and others.

Healing becomes possible when you choose to move toward life.

Once you know how healthy, healing energy feels in your hands and in your body, you can quickly master the tools that shift you out of unhealthy stagnation into healthy flowing energy.

You learn how to read, sense, feel, hear, smell, taste and perhaps see human energy.

"Dr. Jeanette's energy is boundless, catching & contagious!" Lilith Rose. MSW, LCSW

If you are a psychologist, MD, social worker, massage therapist, holistic health practitioner or speaker, you can use your awareness of energy to be more effective with your clients.

Energy awareness cuts through to the bottom line immediately so you can solve human problems at their source quickly and effectively.

What are the Benefits of Energy Awareness?

You know instantly without words:

  • How your client really feels, not how he tells you he feels.
  • When energy is defensive and closed.
  • When energy is open and flowing.
  • When depressed energy or anxious energy is present.
  • The moment he relaxes and feels better.
  • The moment she tightens up and feels bad.
  • When you are connecting with him and being helpful.
  • When you are not being received.
  • When you are missing the boat!
  • What is happening in the moment

Your therapy sessions and healing sessions will become more effective and dynamic.

For example, you will know what is going on with your client the moment she walks through your door. You do not need to ask her how she is doing!

You know instantly if he is open and flowing or closed and defensive. You know if he is mad at you or blaming you! The days of needing psychological tests are over.  The days of not connecting with your client is over.

With professional development you can tell if your client is sour, depressed, resentful or happy.  You know the moment they stop listening to you and the moment they release unhealthy energy.

Imagine this: In sessions with your clients, you tune in to the energy instead of words. You notice your energy, their energy and the energy between you. You observe and do not judge.

You notice how energy is moving or not moving. This means you can gauge the results of your interventions immediately. Therefore, you adjust your interventions instantaneously to create a more positive outcome.

You know when things are working and when they are not working. There is no guess work.

"Doris Jeanette has dared to live at her edges, fall off the map of her known world, and come back with the means to tame monsters."  Jean Houston, Ph.D., pioneer in the human potential movement

As soon as your client is ready and receptive, you share with her the specifics of what you have noticed so she too can sense the same energy you are sensing.

With your feedback and teachings, your client has immediate data she can act on in the moment. She has the tools she needs to make healthy shifts, not only with you, but later with others.

And the best part is-- both of you are energized at the end of a session! No burn out.

You cannot teach something you do not know. You cannot give something you do not have.

This means your first goal is to clear the haze in your own energy field. Then and only then, can you see other people clearly. Otherwise, you are observing and sensing through your own haze!

See yourself in a comfortable, calming room with only 5 other people and Doris Jeanette.

First you learn how to sense the energy between your own two hands.

If you already know how to feel the energy in your hands, rest assured you can improve, expand and heighten your current awareness. No matter what level you are at in perceiving energy, you can become more proficient. New sensations, temperatures, textures, flavors, smells, sounds, colors and feelings can be tuned in to.

In addition, there is no such thing as "only one way" to know something.

You sense energy through your own unique receptors. You explore, discover and put into practice your special talents and gifts. Doris honors and validates your inner strengths and innate knowing. You will discover how information comes to you and develop your unique abilities further.

Imagine how much fun it will be to learn which one of your natural talents is the strongest and which innate skill you can begin to develop immediately.

As you playfully practice and exercise your own abilities to sense energy, the guidance and feedback offered by Dr. Jeanette helps you become more secure with your senses, instincts, intuition and feelings.

You learn how to increase energy, stop energy, pull energy and push energy. You also learn now to let your own energy flow and to allow the healthy flow of energy in others.

You Learn How to:

  • Use more of your instincts and intuition to perceive data.
  • Expand and use your senses to know more.
  • Tell the difference in healthy and unhealthy energy.
  • Sense human energy and read body language.
  • Get turned on, excited and energized.
  • Keep your energy grounded.
  • Continue to develop your abilities.

As your ability to recognize different energies improves, you will be able to tell the difference between a mental thought and a physical feeling. Belief based energy is quite different from physical facts and outside data.

Knowing this difference is enormously helpful in working with clients who are ensconced in denial and exaggeration.

In addition, Doris will teach you the basic laws of energy and how energy flows throughout the body and around the body. You will learn about the different systems which have been discovered, such as meridians, chakra's, polarity, reflexology and others.

Effective, modern day acupuncture is based on the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine which was compiled around 305–204 B.C. This means humans have been aware of energy for a very long time.

Dr. Jeanette is sure the future, new, alternative, holistic psychology will be based on energy and not on psychobabble!

This is the major reason it is extremely valuable for you to become more aware of human energy and use your knowledge to help others.

Holistic psychologists, self motivated people and holistic health professionals are learning to sense energy. If other people know what is going on inside of their body, around their body, and in your body and around your body--it is in your best interest to know what is happening too!

During her post doc with Joe Wolpe, MD, Doris began her habit of observing people as they relaxed their body. She learned to read the difference between the anxious body and the relaxed body by intimately observing 100's of people in both states.

After Dr. Jeanette left her staff member position at The Behavior Therapy Unit at Temple Medical School, she continued to develop her ability to read body language. She worked with numerous body workers, various body systems and massage therapists. The first and most noteworthy was Linda Delman, a current Feldenkrais instructor.

Doris first noticed and responded to energy as a child in the forest on her farm in North Carolina. When she became unhappy with the results she was getting in her private practice in the early 1980's with her traditional psychological training, she remembered how different the vital, bright energy in the forest felt as compared to the stale, dull energy in the house.

Over the next several years, she attended many workshops with master energy teachers--- Jack Swartz, Elias De Mohan and Barbara Brendan. In addition to working in person with energy experts, she studied all their books as well as many other books on energy, quantum physics, transpersonal psychology, parapsychology and consciousness.

Most importantly, Doris developed her own ability to sense energy through daily practice in her personal and professional life.

You too can improve and develop your ability to sense energy.

You will be in a safe group with a rock solid leader who knows how to keep the group energy moving and grooving.

After you take a base line reading of the energy between your two hands, you do exercises to relax your body and mind. This is necessary to activate more of your human potential.

Then you do exercises to heighten and energize your senses which are then used to experience human energy.

You will be spending most of your time practicing your ability to sense energy. The energy information offered by Dr. Jeanette will be sprinkled between the experiential energy exercises.

This workshop is tax deductible as continuing education and professional development.

This Human Energy Workshop is limited to 6 people to maximize learning. The cost of the two day workshop is $599.00.

If this sounds fun and empowering,

Sign Up for the Add Human Energy Awareness to Your Healing Practice, $599.00

Get an Early Bird Special. Only $499.00. Send a check or money order postmarked by November 1 to Doris Jeanette, 503 S. 21 St, Philadelphia, PA 19146.

This workshop is part of the requirements for Certification in Holistic Psychology from the Center for New Psychology.


Call Doris Jeanette at 215-732-6197 or


This event is at the Center for New Psychology located at 503 S. 21 St., Philadelphia, PA. This is a short walk or cab ride from 30th Street Station, where local and regional trains from nearby cities, NYC or Washington, DC. arrive many times a day. The Center is also a train ride or cab ride away from the International Philadelphia Airport.

Dr. Jeanette will help you with overnight accommodations. There are some bed and breakfast places within walking distance and some affordable places to stay. The event has been set up to allow you to arrive Saturday morning and spent one night in Philadelphia. Ask her for help by email.

Don't Want to Wait? Need Energy Healing Now?

Another Option: Set up an individual energy healing with Dr. Jeanette on the phone or in person. The cost for one hour session is $200.00. Read more and order: A private energy healing.

Dr. Jeanette can read energy on the phone and works successfully with clients around the world. If you are not sure about her energy healing ability talk to her on the phone and you can also talk personally with current and past clients.

Energy healing sessions with Dr. Jeanette are designed to fit your personal and physical needs. She does not fit you into a form. She listens and responds to what you need and want in the moment.

Dr. Jeanette's empowering approach includes teaching you how to read your own emotional energy, mental energy and physical energy. She also shows you how to shift out of unhealthy energy into healthy energy. So you have the tools you need to be successful. You are the energy healer. You are empowered.

Free free to discuss any personal needs or make a special request directly with Dr. Jeanette Email drjeanette now.