Licensed Philadelphia-based psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and health energy flow in the body and emotions  Dr. Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and healthy energy flow in the body and emotions; a Philadelphia psychologist since 1975 when she worked with Joe Wolpe, MD at Temple Medical School.
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Feeling Depressed?  Stuck in Hopelessness and Helplessness? Want to Crawl Under the Covers and Never Come Out?

Talk Therapy and Medication Do Not Work for Depression

I am Dr. Doris Jeanette, a licensed psychologist with 36 years of experience directly working with clients.  I began to see a need for more effective ways to deal with depression early in my career as a behavior therapist, sex therapist and feminist therapist.

I could not get my depressed clients to move. They did not want to take any action.  The creative techniques I tried still found them content to stay under the pillows I piled on top of them for the entire hour. 

My depressed clients were comfortable in total, absolute silence, week after week, while I sat in silence with them pondering what to do. 

Talk therapy was not producing the results I wanted. Medication masked the depressed state and stopped people from being alive and sexual. So what was I to do?

The New, Holistic Psychology is More Effective

I began to develop a new psychology that is based on mind-body principles, body awareness and emotional awareness.

For more about how the new psychology is dramatically different, read the new, holistic psychology definition. For more about Dr. Jeanette read bio.

The more I helped people become aware of their body, the more success they had in overcoming their depression. The more I helped people express their authentic emotions, the less they wanted to stay in the depressed state.

I found that teaching people to become conscious of their body and emotions allowed them to overcome their depression.

As a result of trial and error, I now know how to help you feel better and move out of your depressed state. 

The basics of what I know about depression are explained in my one hour personal growth audio, "Depression: How to Unlearn Your Unhealthy Conditioning and Break Free."

"I found exactly what I needed to help my depressed client half way through "Depression:  How to Unlearn Your Unhealthy Conditioning and Break Free!" Peter Shepard, French psychologist

As a child, when you were inhibited by an adult, you learned to be helpless and depressed in certain situations. This is called learned helplessness. Your learned helplessness then generalized to many other situations.

When your parents did not encourage you to express your feelings and emotions, you learned to inhibit your exciting, colorful, emotional feelings.

When you were not allowed to dance, act and carry on with glee, you learned to inhibit your body and its strong, healthy, physical energy.

One of my client's parents physically abused her when she was four.   She was so full of good energy, she would run into the wall and successfully turn flips in the air and land on her feet.

With other parents, she might have grown up to be a gold medal winner in the Olympics or the shining star who flies through the air in CIRQUE DU SOLEIL.

However, her parents inhibited her natural energy and as a result of their physical abuse, she became suicidal and psychotic. When I first met her, she was depressed, overweight and would not move.

I am happy to say, this talented person benefited from my new holistic psychology way of treating depression. She took what I taught her and put the new, holistic psychology information into action in her life.

After a few years, she reached her life long dream of moving out of her mother's house and having her own apartment. She also fulfilled another life long dream of creating and maintain an ongoing, loving relationship.

If you are depressed, you learned to depress your vital energy. You also have wonderful natural talents and abilities that can be utilized to improve your life.

You can definitely learn how to unlearn your depressive response and access your natural talents and gifts. 

Benefits of Listening to "Depression: How to Unlearn Your Unhealthy Conditioning and Break Free."

After listening to this personal growth audio you:

1. Feel better because you know you are not alone.

2. Understand your depressed state and know you are not crazy.

3. Discover what course of action to take to unlearn helplessness.

4. Learn effective ways to break free from the depressed energy.

5. Have compassion for yourself when you are depressed and anxious.

6. Experience hope that you can overcome your depression.

7. Feel excited about using physical ways to shift out of depression.

You will experience hope as soon as you see a safe pathway that leads you out of depression.

You do not have to live a life in depression.  You can say goodbye to your depression response and learn how to deal with whatever challenges you need to face.

Isn't it my chemistry?

Even if it is your chemistry, ask yourself, "So what?"

Your chemistry is regulated by something or someone. Your chemicals can be in harmony or disharmony, just like music. Your chemicals could flow in a healthy fashion. Think about it.

Who or what is inhibiting your serotonin?  What part of you is messing with your chemicals so that they are not functioning properly?

You know that psychotherapy and medication does not cure depression. So what are you doing to do?  Allow your chemicals to ruin and control your life?

Maybe you can take certain actions that will balance your chemicals and get you back into a holistic health state of being.  Imagine that.

The one hour personal growth audio,"Depression: How to Unlearn Your Unhealthy Conditioning and Break Free," is $29.97. You can order your depression audio as a CD or mp3.

This depression treatment audio is based on my original, new holistic psychology approach. You can read more about the new, holistic psychology here.  Alternative therapy is safe and effective. It has no negative side effects. All results are positive and healthy for you.

This personal growth audio is a recording of a live teleseminar, with a live audience. It is an excellent starting point to begin your forward movement out of depression.

If giving up depression is something you are serious about, listening to Dr. Jeanette's personal growth audio on depression is a powerful first step to take. 

The new, holistic psychology information will give you hope and point you in a positive direction that will begin to eliminate your depressive response.

The one hour audio,"Depression: How to Unlearn Your Unhealthy Conditioning and Break Free," is $29.97. You can order as a CD or mp3.

Click here to order your audio as a mp3: "Depression: How to Unlearn Your Unhealthy Conditioning and Break Free." $29.97, no shipping charge.

Click here to order your audio as a CD: "Depression:  How to Unlearn Your Unhealthy Conditioning and Break Free." $29.97 Plus shipping and handling, $10.00 in USA, outside of USA $14.00.

Money back guarantee

Questions about this personal growth audio or what you need to do to get the best depression treatment? E-mail Dr. Jeanette or call 215-732-6197