Licensed Philadelphia-based psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and health energy flow in the body and emotions  Dr. Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and healthy energy flow in the body and emotions; a Philadelphia psychologist since 1975 when she worked with Joe Wolpe, MD at Temple Medical School.
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Natural Depression Treatment Question

I am severely depressed and do not want to take Prozac or any other drug. What would you suggest? Anonymous

Natural Depression Treatment Answer

Depression is not a Prozac deficiency, nor is it a St. John's Wort deficiency. Both of these may alter your mood temporary, but neither of them addresses the source of the depression. The herb is far superior to the drug because it works naturally with the body to achieve relief.

I recommend using anything external to help you feel more alive, while you begin the process of discovering the root cause of your depression.

When you are in the middle of depression, it is hard to see anything else. It weighs you down and you cannot move. I know the state-- being in bed and not being able to get out and do anything.

One of the first things you need to do is fully experience the reality of your body and energy. Feel the heavy energy and listen to your thoughts. Fully experience the depressed state, so that you can recognize depression as different from other psychological states. Do not confuse depression with authentic sadness. They are different energy states.

Depression is a state of mind; it is not a feeling state.

Harvard did a study on their wonderful students and found 90% of the time they thought bad thoughts about themselves. I know you cannot compare these Harvard students to the rest of us, they think much more highly of themselves than we do!

However, this study gives you an idea of what you might be thinking!! Bad thoughts about yourself 90% of the time!

Depression is a mental state which results from blocking your natural, normal, real feelings over the course of many, many years. The only way you can block your feeling, emotions is to stop and think. This stopping and thinking inhibits your healthy energy.

Imagine if you had your leg in a tight knot for 10 years and you didn't let it move naturally and normally. You would have to work hard to keep your foot from kicking, dancing and relaxing.

After 10 years, your leg would be inhibited at every level, from your bones to your chemistry, from your nerves to your brain cells. Your leg would be useless and numb.

It takes great effort, patience, and practice to get your leg back to normal. Depression is the same. After inhibiting your normal feelings, emotions for years, it feels as though your normal feelings, emotions will never again be normal and healthy and vibrant.

Anyone who has ever had a leg, arm, or finger in a cast can quickly understand what depressed energy feels like when it is trying to return to life. It hurts.

I know, some of you are saying, "But, I already feel my feelings and emotions. I feel too much. I am too sensitive."

Not true, depression is a stuck, numb, no feeling, non emotional place.

When your energy is depressed, you are in a state where you are avoiding the nasty thoughts you have about yourself. You have depressed yourself. And you are avoiding your authentic hurt and bad feelings about yourself.

On the other hand, authentic hurt feelings, have healthy energy which moves. Hurt feelings heal your broken heart. To learn more about the difference between depressed energy and healthy, hurt feelings study, the emotional health guide, "Opening the Heart," available as audio or ebook.

Imagine how much energy and effort it takes for little boys and little girls to stop themselves from crying when their feelings have been hurt.

Imagine how this inhibition has effected your chemistry, hormones and nervous system over the course of one year, much less thirty years or 60 years!

It takes a lot of energy to depress, repress, or avoid your real feelings. You must think thousands of thoughts to inhibit your natural, free-flowing feelings and emotions.

Judgmental, nasty thoughts are used to inhibit your emotions-- your thoughts make you right, wrong, good, bad. When you think these negative thoughts over and over again, they become beliefs. These false beliefs tie up your natural free-flowing energy so your energy becomes depressed.

Your nasty thoughts paralyze you into stagnant energy so you become heavy and depressed. My friend and teacher, Jack Swartz would say your energy becomes "like molasses."

Depression is energy that is stagnant, heavy, tense, dark, black and thick. Feel your depression and begin to recognize this heavy, mental state so you can move out of your depressed state.

The thing to remember is to notice if you are thinking or feeling. People think they are feeling and they are not. Depression is created and maintained by thoughts, not feelings or emotions.

Once you start to feel your real feelings, you will quickly move into the real hurt. The direct experience of hurt naturally leads to your emotional and physical energy flowing. This emotional and physical energy flowing naturally leads to health and happiness.

Welcome the hurt and stay with your emotional energy until it transforms, just like you would do with a leg that's been hurt. The third audio in the Opening the Heart series is called, "When You're Hutting..." It is made to help you stay in the authentic sadness and release it.

You will know that you are in a feeling state because you will feel better. You always feel better after a good cry. However, when you are thinking or numb, you stay depressed and nothing changes.

Life is full of joy, hurt, pleasure and excitement. Say goodbye to depression by reducing your negative thoughts and anxiety and welcoming your emotions and feelings.

Need help moving out of depressed energy? Ready to say goodbye to depression?

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