Friday, April 23, 2010

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Move Toward Real Fears and Away From Anxiety

When you are afraid of something, you have the choice to
either avoid your fear or face it.

You could be afraid of snakes, intimacy or death, it really
doesn't matter. Whatever you are afraid of, there is only
one way to overcome your fear.

You have to stop avoiding it and face it squarely in
reality. You cannot jump over it, pretend or fool yourself.
You have to experience that which you are afraid of in order
to no longer be afraid.

This week I faced one of my biggest fear: the death of a
loved one. My Dad passed away. I was with him and my
mother and sister at this dreaded event.

Instead of dread or sorrow, peace was present. We could
feel it in his body, on his face and within each of us. The
peaceful energy was palpable in the room.

When I spoke underneath the red bud trees lining the historical
cemetery of our little church in NC, a 55 year old fear was
also put to rest. My father was placed beside my little brother
who died at 9 months old when I was six.

All fears end up being much more wonderful than you imagine.

Move toward your fears, slowly, to find peace, freedom and joy.


FEAR IS THE PATHWAY: One hour of the Opening the Heart audio
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The other two hours teach you how to feel your emotions and
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Face your fears, grieve and let go.


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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day Love Advice: Feel Your Emotions

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If you knew that feeling your emotions was good for
your physical health would you feel them?

At the age of 34, as a young psychologist, I already
knew that if you inhibited your emotions you would have
impaired mental health. As my energy and body work
expanded, I discovered how emotional expression affects
your physical health in real time.

My hands were lightly holding my client's ankles, as I
was guiding him into emotional expression. I took note
of the high degree of static energy in his nervous system.
I was also sensing the amount of energy flowing in his
body. There was hardly any energy moving in and out of his
legs, with a little bit more on the right side than the left.

Suddenly, he started to cry, immediately there was a surge
of strong, healthy energy moving through my hands and
thought-out his entire body. Wow, the dramatic shift from
static energy to strong, healthy energy was undeniable.

Following up with other people I discovered that any emotional
expression has this same effect on the physical body.

You immediately, dramatically increase healthy energy flow in
your cells any time you express your authentic emotions. So,
on this Valentine's Day, 2010 I wish you the joy of
emotional expression.

Love is the strongest, most powerful emotion. Please express
the love you feel to others, to yourself and to the earth.


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Monday, February 08, 2010

Valentine's Day Relationship Advice: Feel Your Heart

Valentine's Day is coming up. Perhaps you don't want to celebrate because you are single, don't have a date or don't feel loving toward your partner right now. Or maybe you will celebrate with surface fun and meaningless gestures without fulfilling the deep longing of your soul.

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate all the many different kinds of love, not just romantic love.

So check in with your heart and look around. Note the colors, flavors, textures, sounds and images in your heart. What does the energy in your heart tell you? Feel the truth in your own heart. How much love is in your heart? Love is a real, honest to goodness energy. When you look in your heart do you sense dark energy? Resentment? Judgment? Hurt? Pain? Love? Joy? Dark clouds?

Love has to do with your ability to love and open your own heart. When your heart is open, love energy can come in and go out. When your heart is closed, love energy cannot get out or come in.

When your heart is open you exchange love energy with others. When your heart is closed there is no real energy exchange. When your heart is open, you feel good, warm, strong, healthy and happy. When your heart is closed you feel alone, empty, dead, unfullfilled.

The best way to increase loving energy in your life is to open your heart. The best place to start opening your heart is to establish a loving relationship with your emotional self. You need to recognize the energy of your emotional self and establish a daily, nourishing relationship with her or him in order to clear the energy in your heart so more love can flow between you and others.

If you get started on opening your heart in 2010, you will have the best Valentine's Day ever!


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Get Real. Get Ready. Roar!

Monday, January 25, 2010

To Reach Your 2010 Goals, Don't Overwhelm Yourself

A client of mine made a great list of goals for
2010...the list had about 25 items on it. However,
by the time I got to the 7th one, I was dizzy.

When I am dizzy, I know there is a good chance my
client could be dizzy too! I was overwhelmed. Since I
trust my feelings and intuition, I knew there was
a good chance her list had overwhelmed her.

Sure enough, at our next coaching session, I
checked out my suspicion. Yes, her long, fantastic
list had overwhelmed her. Does your list overwhelm you?
If so, you will not move forward.

Do not give up on any of your goals for 2010. Instead,
take a look at them and make them realistic. Set up
a few as top priority and let the others go till next
year or the next.

It is much more important to reach your goals than to
overwhelm yourself. When you are overwhelmed anxiety
kicks in and your performance suffers.

For more tips on how to reach your goals listen to
the current show on Live at the Edge radio with
Barbara Biziou and Carrie Armitage:

And anxiety proof your life for success in 2010.


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Thursday, December 31, 2009

6 Steps to Success for Your New Year Resolutions

You have a fresh, new year.

Yes, 2010 gives you a fresh, new piece of canvas. You can
create any work of art you desire. Your relationships could
improve, your anxiety could reduce and your soul could
become satisfied.

1. You get to choose and create your goals.

Take a look at your fresh, new year and observe what you
would like to paint on it. Be bold, realistic and smart. Put
in your intention to use your intuition, natural strengths and
creativity to make 2010 the best year ever in your personal
life and professional life. See the place you want to be at
the end of the year.

2. After you see how you would like your new year to look,
write down your goals for 2010 on a piece of paper.

3. Next, see the pathway that must be taken in order to reach
your goals.

How do you improve your relationships? How do you reduce
your anxiety? Is it possible to listen to and sense your soul? Yes,
you can learn how to sense energy and listen to your body and
soul. Yes, you can learn how to reduce anxiety and become
more assertive.

The pathway shows you the exact steps you need to take to reach
your goals. There is no longer a sense of helplessness or mystery.
You know how to solve your real problems and reach your goals.

4. Write down the exact steps you need to take to reach your goals.

5. Learn any new skills you need to know in order to reach your

For example, if you want to improve your relationships, you need
to open your heart and feel your emotions and feelings. How do
you learn to feel? You need lessons, guidance and help in
learning the necessary steps to take to open your heart and
feel your emotions.

Continuing education is the best investment you can make for
your future. If you choose good teachers you will have the skill
set you need in order to reach your goals.

6. Follow through with the necessary steps and you will meet
your New Year's Resolutions with grace, ease and mastery.

There will be a great big smile on your face at the end of 2010.


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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Holiday Stress Relief: Improve Self Esteem

A reader recently asked me," "What can I do to increase my
self worth today? I am cute, smart, independent,
emotionally stable, 90% happy, fun but I have low self
esteem. What causes this condition and how do I move
beyond it?"

The cause of low self esteem is fairly simple. You learned
to see yourself in a certain way based on how others saw you
and related to you. The result is you do not feel enough
worth about who you are. Another way to say it would be,
you do not think that you are valuable enough based on
how you are rating yourself.

Low self esteem is not caused by any inherent quality you
may have or not have! So take a deep breath and feel
better. Self esteem is learned and you can unlearn anything
that you learned that is not healthy for you.

My holistic psychology approach does not involve a lot of
talking or thinking. Instead you learn how to feel different
realities so you can feel, sense, read, know the truth about
yourself. Good self esteem is when your sense of self is
based on reality. This means you know your strengths and
weakness and stand proudly in your body with your heart
open and your two feet on solid ground.

What you can do today to move toward better self esteem is:
Begin to notice the difference in the energy in your body when
you are in your learned, ego state which will always result in
low self esteem and when you are in your natural, authentic
self which will result in stronger self esteem.

Enjoy the process of finding, accepting and loving your real self.
Your authentic self is the only self that can ever achieve solid,
secure self esteem. Everything else is fake and will never be
solid and secure.


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"This is not stuff that you learned from a text book and it amazes
me that someone, another human being, is able to understand the
human psyche so well and to communicate it so clearly. I am trying
to get out of my head and more into my body because I can sense,
when I listen to your CDs, that this is the way to healing and to
normal happiness. Thank you so much for creating these CDs and
for making them available to the general public." Lisa F.


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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween Customes Transform Energy

As a shy child I loved Halloween. I could dress
up and become a hobo, gypsy or pirate. Somehow,
the costume magically allowed me to relax and
be myself. I could play and act silly with others in
ways that I could not without the protection of
the costume.

Later, as a young therapist, I found another benefit
from dressing up in costumes. I was struggling
with giving up my "good girl" conditioning and my
talk therapist suggested that I go as a brat for
Halloween. This was brilliant.

I hated brats, did not want to have anything to do
with brats. I judged brats. To me, brats were bad
and that was that. So, of course, going as a brat would
help me give up my self righteous attitude toward
others and it would help me embrace my inner brat
which needed to be expressed.

So I did exactly what my therapist suggested. I threw
a huge party in my new house and dressed up like a
7 year old brat. What fun! All night long I was a brat
to everyone with absolutely no guilt. I had permission
to stop being so sweet, kind, polite and sugary.

I transformed my judgment into healthy expression
in a hurry.

What part of you are you rejecting and judging?

Find it, own it and have fun creating an outrageously,
creative costume-- just in time for Halloween.


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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Can't Reach Your Goals? De-fang Your Inner Critic

Emily Hanlon, best selling author says, "De-fanging the
Inner Critic is the first step in being able to finish your
writing project or book."

In truth, facing your Inner Critic is the first step in being
able to reach any goal or dream.

The Inner Critic is the major voice inside your head which
attacks you and stops you from moving forward. It can be
so strong that it paralyzes you and stops you dead. It is
these self judgmental thoughts which end up giving you
an anxiety attack or a panic attack.

In fact, if you listen to your attacking thoughts and believe
what they are saying to you, you could experience massive
self doubt and mental break downs.

Unfortunately, your Inner Critic does not go away if you take
medication or drugs. And positive thoughts are not strong
enough to overpower the forceful energy of your Inner Critic.

Nope. The only way to deal with your Inner Critic is head on
and face to face.

You have to meet your mental energy as an equal.

One of the best ways to deal with your Inner Critic is to write.
Emily Hanlon is the best teacher you could have into the dark
and deep recessions of your unconscious. Emily and I met
many years ago at the International Women's Writing Guild.

Visit Emily Hanlon's award winning fiction writers website:

Check out Emily Hanlon's upcoming teleseminars,
coaching and teleworkshop, Lilies and Roses
in the House of the Dark Moon

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Nature is Big Medicine

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Yesterday I got a call from a man who was talking so fast;

I had to slow him down to understand what he was saying.
He was in a panic. The prescription medication he had taken
for many years was no longer working and his heart was
racing and he could not sleep.

I explained to him, “Medications do not get rid of anxiety;
they cover up your symptoms so you do not know you are
anxious. They fool you, instead of helping you. Your
anxiety got worse because it continued to generalize
and spread."

His story continued, "But I got really good at stopping
my anxiety attacks with Cognitive Behavior Therapy. When
the last one started in the parking lot, I said, 'Go on,
give it to me! I can take it.’ "

Unfortunately, his Cognitive Behavior Therapy treatment
backfired and fooled him into thinking he was overcoming
his panic attacks and he was not.

CBT can reinforce problems by getting you to think so
much that you can end up controlling yourself more,
not less. This is what happened to him, he was more
anxious and not less anxious.

"I said to him, if your body and nervous system are not
relaxed, you have not overcome your anxiety attacks.
You need to learn to relax your body and nerves.”

Bottom-line: MDs and talk therapists do not have strong
enough medicine to overcome the static in your nervous
system. You need Big Medicine, the kind that comes from
the land.

You need Mother Earth.


BIG MEDICINE: One of the major benefits of a Nature
Workshop is learning how to relax your body and calm
your nerves. Join us in Pt. Pleasant, PA, Saturday,
October 17th near NYC and Philadelphia.
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