Licensed Philadelphia-based psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and health energy flow in the body and emotions  Dr. Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and healthy energy flow in the body and emotions; a Philadelphia psychologist since 1975 when she worked with Joe Wolpe, MD at Temple Medical School.
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Holistic Psychologist, Dr. Doris Jeanette, Answers Your Questions About Low Self Esteem, Emotions, Feelings, Being Stuck

Feeling Insecure? Getting Stuck in Your Feelings?


Low Self Esteem, Feelings, Emotions Question

I have recently tried to increase my level of consciousness by being more present of exactly what is going on in my body. I feel insecure around people and when I am feeling that I try to just feel it and be present to it but I end up getting stuck in the feeling and not being able to move through it. Heather

Low Self Esteem, Feelings, Emotions Answer

It is fantastic that you are becoming more aware of your body. Body awareness is one of the most powerful actions you can take. You will become more alive, healthy and happy.

If you learn to stay with yourself, your body awareness will help you move through the sticky, unhealthy energy with more ease and self confidence.

Your self esteem will increase more and more because you will be aware of when you have low self esteem. When you have body awareness you know what is really going on with your body, your feelings and others.

All of us are insecure. Did you ever notice how people hold their breath in elevators? They have low self esteem. People hold their breath when they are insecure and anxious.

I do not think you are getting stuck in your authentic emotional energy. Neither do I think that you are getting stuck in your feeling ability. However, you may be shutting off your feeling ability when you get scared.

You probably do not know the difference in the energy between feelings, thoughts, emotions and conditioned responses.  You do know you are stuck. This is very helpful.

Many people do not even know they are stuck. Therefore they create disease, misery and spent their life in low self esteem.

You need to learn more about the differences between mental and emotional states.

When you get stuck you are probably avoiding your emotions instead of experiencing them. Emotions are energy is motion. They do not get stuck, they complete themselves. Your emotions give you lots of vital energy.

However, you may be uncomfortable with your sadness, fear, anger, joy, desire and love. When you get uncomfortable you may automatically control your emotions instead of letting them flow naturally.

This is because you have been conditioned to stop yourself from experiencing your emotions.  Therefore, you deny your emotions and or exaggerate them.

Denying or exaggerating your emotions leads to more defensiveness and hardness. When you are defensive you are in your ego. Your ego is a mental state.  When you live in mental states you become very out of balance.

Thus the importance of body awareness. Therefore, you are very wise to overcome your psychological problems by increasing your body awareness. This is one of the major ways my new, holistic psychology approach is different from traditional, talk therapy. Read more about the new, holistic psychology.

You will no longer be stuck when you learn to let go of control and ride your emotional energy. You need to become more comfort with feelings and emotions. For more help with letting go read this free psychology article in the library.

You are probably getting stuck in mental, judgmental energy.

This is the place people usually get stuck. I noticed this 30 years ago when I first started doing workshops. Judgment would come up in the group and completely block the energy in the group.

Often the judgment was directed toward me, the leader.  However, self judgment is always the source of judgmental energy even when it is projected outward.

Therefore, I suspect you are thinking very negative thoughts about yourself. As a result, your ego dominates your personality because you have not learned how to stand up to your Inner Critic.

You are being judgmental toward yourself and there is no one there to guide you or protect you from your ego. This is the reason you feel insecure.

The trick is to stop judging yourself. You need to give yourself love instead of judgment. The inner child work is essential if you want to improve your low self esteem. Your inner little girl, who is your emotional self, needs you to learn how to provide what she needs.

It is your job to help your emotional self feel safe and secure. This is the reason I made the "Opening the Heart" audio series. My comforting voice guides you through the different energy states and shows you how to move away from judgment. Read more about the emotional health guide.

You will be amazed at how easy it is to change your low self esteem to good self esteem when you find, heal and protect your inner child.  You will be able to look back one year from now and see real and permanent changes.

To get unstuck, you need to become more conscious of your thoughts.

You need to bring your nasty thoughts up to your conscious mind. You are getting stuck in what I call the judgmental loop. This is a loop of energy that is very hard to exit. You need to learn how to get out of this eddy and begin to flow. This is covered in detail in the Opening the Heart audio.

Move into Emotions and Feelings

The thinking channel is not on the same wavelength as the feeling channel. You need to change your channel in order to feel.

This is the reason body awareness is so powerful. If you continue to stay with your body and feel the information available, you will be successful in moving through the natural process of transformation.

You need to experience both your physical and emotional feelings. You need to let go of control and enter the feeling channel. Once you enter the feeling channel and stay there....your energy will naturally move.

Learn to Be Yourself, Stay with Yourself and Protect Yourself

Let me give you a great example to follow. Think of how a dog behaves when she goes into a new place or meets a new person. First, she sniffs the people out. Then she sniffs the place out to see if it is safe and friendly.

Animals frequently walk the territory and circle around a space. A dog circles around and around a space until she finds a spot she feels safe and happy in. Then she lies down and relaxes.

You need to do the same thing with your sensory abilities. When I enter a place and feel insecure, I walk the territory.

This is what you need to do.

Keep consciously breathing and sensing your physical body as you walk the territory. Stay with yourself through any discomfort. Ride the fear energy instead of avoiding it or exaggerating it. Keep checking out the space and protect your little girl from your Inner Critic.

Walk the territory until you find a safe place to settle in. Or if the place is really not to your liking, leave.

If you follow this self esteem, feelings, emotions advice, you will be glad you did. You will discover your body, emotions and feeling ability are strong and powerful assets.

Thanks for asking this psychology question and let me know if this body awareness and feelings, emotions information was helpful to you.

Resources that Improve Self Esteem by Teaching You How to Feel Your Body and Emotions

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