Licensed Philadelphia-based psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and health energy flow in the body and emotions  Dr. Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and healthy energy flow in the body and emotions; She has been a Philadelphia psychologist since 1975 when she worked with Joe Wolpe, MD at Temple Medical School.
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What is Assertiveness? Can You Be Assertive With Your Boss, Neighbor and Partner?

An assertive person is someone who is able to express how she feels and what she thinks without stepping on the rights of others.

Definition of Assertiveness

An assertive person is someone who relates equally to other people
with respect and dignity. They are relaxed in their body and able to
express what they think and feel.

An assertive person has good self-esteem and strong self-confidence.
They feel equal to other people. Therefore, they do not act superior or
inferior to anyone.

A helpful thing to remember is that no one is assertive all the time because no one is self-confident all the time.  In addition, an assertive person is not always relaxed or secure.

An assertive person is able to be vulnerable in interpersonal situations because he is open and strong. For example, an assertive person is someone who is in touch with his anxieties and insecurities.  He can share this honest information with others. 

Assertive people are loving and effective in interpersonal relationships.
They can handle difficult situations with their partner or boss without
pushing or pulling, demanding or avoiding.

Assertive people stand up tall when needed.  They protect themselves from emotional abuse and physical harm. They also protect children, seniors and others who need help.

The world needs lots of assertive people to make the world a better
place for all of us. People in every country need access to Assertiveness Training courses so everyone can learn how to feel worthy and achieve solid self-confidence.

Can You Be Assertive?

Be Honest With Yourself.

How often do you shy away from conflict and avoid disagreeing with others? 

How many times do you wish you had said so and so in a social situation?

How many times have you been too harsh and insensitive with others?

Benefits of Being Assertive


1. Get what you want more often - whether that's a pay
raise, peace and quiet at home or a date with the
woman who lives down the block.

2. Take the action you feel like taking instead of inhibiting
yourself and obsessing about it.

3. Communicate equally to others, with respect, which
feels better to you and others than being aggressive.
4. Handle difficult people and tough negotiations more

5. Are not afraid to be close to others because you can
speak up and take care of your needs.

6. Feel better about yourself and know you can express
your ideas in business meetings and interpersonal

7. Stand up tall and walk with self-confidence.

8. Are more relaxed and handle stress more easily.

" Thank you Dr. Jeanette for your Assertiveness Training course, Stop the World From Pushing You Around: Six Weeks to Solid Self-Confidence.  I loved it. I learned that I was often being aggressive or passive or passive-aggressive rather than being assertive. Now I know the difference. The difference is huge, both in regard to my actions and the results I get."  -- Kevin from the UK

Most People Need to Take an Assertiveness Training Course

There is a long history of psychological research which documents the effectiveness of assertive behavior in reducing anxiety, improving relationships and enhancing self-esteem.

According to Dr. Doris Jeanette, a licensed psychologist with 35 years of experience teaching people how to be assertive, "Assertiveness Training is one of the some valuable communication skills you can learn if you want to improve your life." If you don't know Dr. Jeanette, read about her.

Any good Assertiveness Training course will teach you the necessary communication skills that will help you assert yourself.

Why Take Dr. Jeanette's online Assertiveness Training Course?

It is handy and easy to take. You don't have to wait for a special class or leave your home to learn how to be assertive. Plus you are getting an excellent education in assertiveness.

"I have noticed big changes since taking your Assertiveness Training class. If I assert myself calmly everyday, then when I'm angry, the level of my reaction is taken seriously, and not hysterical. My display of city rudeness is a mask for my shyness. Now, I can also be assertive and smile at people in the streets, it is more me." -- Helen from California

How qualified is Dr. Doris Jeanette as an Assertiveness Training teacher?

Doris Jeanette was trained to teach Assertiveness Training classes during her post doctorate education at Temple Medical School in the late 1970s when Assertiveness Training was very popular.

She was supervised by Dr. Joe Wolpe, who educated the professional community about the effectiveness of Assertiveness Training through his research and publications. Then Dr. Jeanette taught Assertiveness Training at many of the major universities in the area such as Swarthmore College and Jefferson Medical School.

Certainly, Dr. Jeanette can deliver a high quality course in Assertiveness Training. 

How is Dr. Jeanette's Assertiveness Training course different?

With Dr. Jeanette's assertiveness course you learn some extra personal growth goodies that other Assertiveness Training courses do not include.

Dr. Jeanette has learned a lot of new information and discovered new ways of helping people over for the last 35 years.  As a result, she has developed an empowering, holistic psychology approach that includes the physical body and energy.

Dr. Jeanette does not just talk and try to change your behavior and thoughts, she teaches you about your body, energy and holistic health: Read about her new, holistic psychology approach if you do not know about it.

Therefore, her Assertiveness Training online course is especially valuable and helpful to you because it includes information about empathy training, emotional expression, energy awareness and body language skills.

These extra communication skills will improve your results.

This Assertiveness Training Course is for you if you:

1. Are trapped in any situation you do not like.

2. Cannot communicate what you need to others.

3. Are "angry" or "insensitive" to others.

4. Feel stuck, anxious and cannot relax.

5. Want more closeness and intimacy with others.

6. Want to learn more about energy, body language and empathy.

tweet assertiveness information



"Stop the World From Pushing You Around: Six Weeks to Solid Self-Confidence," an online course, 47 page manual PLUS six hours of audio for $149.97, gives you the information, tools and support you need to be assertive.

"When you have asserted yourself, you feel really good about yourself." -- Dr. Jeanette

You can become assertive without leaving home. You can learn to assert yourself no matter where on earth you live.

Be assertive now.

You have already experienced the negative results in your life of being passive and aggressive.

Now imagine how wonderful it will be to say, "I asserted myself. I feel great!"


WHEN: Anytime you want it.

WHERE: On your computer, iPad, iPod or smart phone.

COST: $149.97.

You will receive a 46 page manual as a .pdf file PLUS six hours of audio as mp3s.


Benefits of Being Assertive
Benefits of Being Relaxed
What are Your Rights?
Bill of Assertiveness
Kinds of Assertive Responses
Nonverbal and Verbal Components
Tips for Effective Feedback
Thoughts are not Feelings
Making a Simple Request
Requesting a Change in Behavior
Refusing a Request
Dealing with Anger
Print Out Form: Targets for Change
Print Out Form: Survey of Reinforcers
Print Out Form: Behavior Change Log
Print Out Form: O Statements
Lesson One
Lesson Two
Lesson Three
Lesson Four
Lesson Five
Lesson Six
Resources for Personal Development

You receive a 46 page manual as a .pdf file PLUS six hours of audio which you download to your computer, iPad, iPod or smart phone. 

Each audio includes a teaching session, feedback from participants who are taking a class with Dr. Jeanette, plus real life practice sessions with students who are learning how to be assertive. 

What you hear will be your model for how to be assertive yourself.  You will be taking the class with the group.

The audio is worth $199.97 and the manual is worth $99.97. So the total cost is $299.94. 

Get the introductory price at a 50% DISCOUNT and save $149.97.

You pay $149.97  -  You save $149.97.

If this material sounds like something you would like to learn order the Assertiveness Training online course, "Stop the World From Pushing You Around: Six Weeks to Solid Self-Confidence." 46 pages, six hours of audio, $149.97.

You will be directed to a secure site and can use your credit card, Paypal or echeck.  You can also send a check for $149.97 to Doris Jeanette at 503 S. 21 St. Philadelphia, PA 19146

Fully guaranteed.

Get your money back if you do not benefit.

Sign up before the cost goes up and your inner critic finds a reason not to be assertive!

Assertiveness Training continuing education and professional development is usually tax deductible for most professionals and business people. It is also possible that the educational fund in your department could reimburse you for the entire cost. Explore the possibilities.

"I listened to the first audio in the Assertiveness Training online course. I love to hear the other people talk about their feelings and concerns. It makes me feel normal. " -- Jack from Indiana

Take a convenient Assertiveness Training online course with a holistic health, holistic psychology point of view.

Today it is hard to find high quality Assertiveness Training classes and courses. This is the reason Dr. Jeanette decided to offer you her Assertiveness Training as an online course.

Now this valuable Assertiveness Training information is available to you no matter where you live.  And you get the extra bonus of learning from a holistic psychologist who teaches you about energy, emotions and body language.

If this sounds good to you, order the Assertiveness Training online course, "Stop the World From Pushing You Around: Six Weeks to Solid Self-Confidence," 47 pages, six hours of audio, cost $149.97.

Questions? E-mail Dr. Jeanette now. Or call: 215-732-6197

You can take this high quality, holistic psychology, assertiveness training online course if you live in Philadelphia, New York City, Sidney, Denver, Hong Kong, LA, Australia, India or San Diego!