Licensed Philadelphia-based psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and health energy flow in the body and emotions  Dr. Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and healthy energy flow in the body and emotions; a Philadelphia psychologist since 1975 when she worked with Joe Wolpe, MD at Temple Medical School.
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Last month I was asked to articulate how my approach is different from others.


It has been difficult to describe my innovative approach because each session is unique. A current client says, " I don't know how to describe what you do to others. I told them you were a medicine woman." This is a high compliment.

What I do is listen and sense what a person really needs and try to provide it. Not listening to the words, but to the truth underneath the words. Just like some people can read a book, I can read a person's physical and emotional energy. I can also sense information in the human voice. Rather than DOING something to you, my goal is to teach you to become more aware of your own energy, so you have more mastery over your own unique process. I teach you how to fish, rather than giving you the fish.

If a person is comfortable, I work simultaneously on the physical body and the emotions. There are many studies that show unexpressed feelings create disease and unhappiness. So anything that helps you feel your real feelings will quickly improve your health and vitality. Inhibiting your real feelings over the course of many years causes unhappiness and disease. Your body is where the conditioned responses, which stop your feelings, are stuck, so it must be involved in order to bring back to life the muscles, bones, lining of your stomach, brain chemicals, etc. When you are touched your feelings quickly come to the surface unless you do something to stop them. So touch is extremely powerful.

I do not fit people into any particular technique, although I have many techniques that I use when needed, ranging from the psychophysical to imagery to sound and color. If the client is open, and they usually are, we work as a team. This creates amazing results because the person is getting what they need in the moment. It is a very dynamic, creative experience.

Working as a team we can literally vibrate these unexpressed feelings out of your body and calm down your autonomic nervous system so that a new sense of calm and peace is achieved. The goal is to let go and relax more than you ever have in your life. The more you put into the session, the more you will get out of it.

I am good at staying with people while they feel. The reason most massage therapists and psychologists don't let you keep feeling is because they are defending against their own feelings, and are thus not comfortable with yours. One must be totally comfortable with her or his own feelings to help you feel yours. The only way to feel someone else's pain is through your own pain. Not being afraid of pain, I feel empowered by the energy exchange.

Powerful results have been experienced in only one session with individuals open to transformation and ready for big changes. A recent Danish singer says, " It was amazing, I felt safe enough to let go and experience feelings that I had blocked my whole life. The problem with my foot totally cleared up." Because I am physically and emotionally present, you have a chance to transform your energy as much as you are ready for.

Some sessions we may just talk, others will be more physical. You are always in charge and can create what you want. All the time, I am trying to increase your own awareness of the energy flow in your body and in your emotions and to help you become more loving of yourself. It is important to help you directly experience yourself, this encourages you to feel your own strengths and develop the use of your free will. I think of myself as an anchor that allows you to let go and feel your real self without anxiety. Using me as an anchor, you can relax more than ever before and calm down the fear in your body.

What happens is that the emotional issues that are conditioned in your body are then permanently resolved and no longer brother you. You look different and you feel different! Your body changes to the degree that you resolve your emotional issues. Your feet or chest may get bigger, your neck will get longer, you may lose or gain weight, whatever your natural body wants will begin to emerge!

This work can improve your physical health, your emotional health and the quality of your life. I also work with couples, families and groups to increase loving exchanges. I am actively involved in creating Global Well Being. When training other body practitioners and professionals, I encourage them to develop and use their own strengths, not mine. Each of us has a different, creative way to be. Self-realization is the goal for everyone!!

My major teachers have been Jean Houston, Joe Wolpe, Jack Swartz and Elia De Mohan. I have also learned a lot from the numerous classes I have taken in acting, bodywork, energy work, video and singing. Most of all, I have learned from the many clients who have trusted me and let me know them. Hope this is clear. Thanks for asking.

Doris Jeanette