Licensed Philadelphia-based psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and health energy flow in the body and emotions  Dr. Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and healthy energy flow in the body and emotions; a Philadelphia psychologist since 1975 when she worked with Joe Wolpe, MD at Temple Medical School.
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"Tame Your Thoughts": a self-help, holistic psychology audio by Dr. Jeanette. Learn to relax and calm your mind and brain. Read more and order.

Opening the Heart, CDs or mp3s on feelings, fear and hurt.

Our self-help audio heals your broken heart and improves your self-esteem.

Looking for an Effective, Natural Anxiety Treatment? Tired of Drugs, Medication, and Talk Therapy?

Try a New, Physical, Body Approach for Anxiety Help

NYT reports, 2016, "To Better Cope With Stress, Listen to Your Body. To handle adversity more effectively, we should pay closer attention to what is happening inside our bodies, according to a fascinating new brain study."

When your awareness is in your body you do not experience anxiety or depression. This is a fact. Learn how to put your awareness in your body because it works! New brain research validates this reality.

For decades, Dr. Doris Jeanette, a licensed psychologist has been successfully teaching men and women how to overcome anxiety naturally by showing them how to live in their body instead of their thoughts.

10 written lessons PLUS 5 hours of audio (mp3s or CDs)

100% Money back guarantee.  

Photo of anxiety online course written by Dr. Jeanette called Overcome Anxiety Naturally

Dr. Jeanette's original anxiety treatment shows you how to step out of your anxious self into your relaxed self. She shows you how to relate to yourself in a loving, reassuring, physical way so you relax and feel safe again.

Dr. Martin Paulus, the scientific director of the new brain study mentioned above in the NY Times said, ŇThis study says that resilience is largely about body awareness and not rational thinking. Even smart people, if they donŐt listen to their body, might not bounce back as quickly from adversity as someone who is more attuned to his or her physiology."

"Although I am only 3 lessons into the course it already has been well worth the investment. Knowing what to do during an anxiety attack helps so much. Many times I would wake early in the morning and couldn't go back to sleep because of my racing thoughts. Now I can go back to sleep every time I do the breathing and comforting exercises. Thank you so much!" Heather, mother of four

The audio and written material in Dr. Jeanette's anxiety course leads you, step by step, out of your anxiety into a more relaxed, reality based, physical part of yourself.

You learn to recognize when you are really safe so you respond appropriately to real life events. You learn to cope with any real fears and say good bye to irrational anxieties.

"Wow. Your information blows me away. No one else is saying what you're saying. It makes perfect sense. You are helping me so much with my anxiety."  Michael Chandler

Decades of learning research has documented the fact that anxiety is a learned behavior.

This psychological information is good news because if you learned to be anxious, you can unlearn your anxiety.

Anxiety is a conditioned response. Just like Pavlov's dogs, you react automatically with a knee jerk response.

Right now you probably feel helpless because you don't know what to do to stop anxiety from ruining your life. You are like a train that has gotten off its tracks and is heading over the cliff without a driver... Oh, No!

The reassuring news is that you can keep your life from being a train wreck by learning how to overcome anxiety naturally. Anyone can do it.


colorful, cute train on track

Yes, you can. You have the inner strength to do what needs to be done. You can learn exactly what you need to do to reduce your anxiety.

"The first written lesson in your Overcome Anxiety Naturally home study course was worth the price of the whole package. I tried your method of stopping anxiety attacks and it works. Why didn't anyone teach me this before?"  Kelly Brown

What are the Benefits of Dr. Jeanette's Home Study Course, Overcome Anxiety Naturally?

You Learn to:

1. Stop hyperventilating, immediately, guaranteed.
2. Breathe with awareness during the day.
3. Calm your nervous system so you sleep and work.
4. Tame your thoughts for peace of mind.
5. Lower your blood pressure.
6. Be comfortable in situations where you are now anxious.
7. Be more loving.
8. Be more lovable.
9. Feel pleasure in your body and enjoy life.

Maybe you don't believe you can relax because you are so controlled by your conditioning.  You have unhealthy anxiety reactions because you learned something in the past that was not helpful.

This course teaches you how to unlearn your unhealthy conditioning so that you are no longer controlled by your unconscious conditioning.

Dr. Jeanette's anxiety home study course teaches you the body skills that are extremely effective in breaking your automatic conditioned reactions.

This relaxing home study course gives you body exercises that are proven to be effective in anxiety reduction. Dr. Jeanette also recommends her course to people who want to do personal growth and transformational work.

How to stop hyperventilating is the first thing you learn.

Breathing properly helps you reduce anxiety and is the foundation for any successful self improvement.

You also learn how to access and use your physical, emotional, and mental strengths.  You learn to use your instincts, intuition, and natural abilities to stop anxiety from running your life.

Dr. Jeanette Does Not Recommend Excessive Meditation for Anxiety Treatment.

The reason traditional meditation is not the treatment of choice in reducing chronic anxiety is because most people who meditate are not grounded. 

The fact that most mediators are ungrounded was first observed by a famous energy teacher and author, Jack Schwarz. Barbara Brendan also reports in her human energy text books that most people have an ungrounded human energy system.

If you are anxious, you are not grounded. If you were grounded, you would not be anxious. Your human energy operates under the same laws that govern electricity. This means if you meditate too much you could blow a fuse and hurt yourself.

It is dangerous to bring more mental energy via meditation into a physical body that is not grounded. If you feel fragile, weak, anxious, and mentally unstable do not meditate. First, get grounded.

For effective anxiety treatment you must use physical methods that do not increase your mental energy. Dr. Jeanette's "Overcome Anxiety Naturally" home study course teaches you how to get in your body and get grounded so you are less anxious.

How is this Anxiety Home Study Course Different?

Dr. Jeanette's original holistic health approach goes far beyond her Post Doctorate Training in Behavior Therapy where she first learned to successfully treat anxiety disorders.

This anxiety treatment course helps you ground your energy with body awareness exercises. These body exercises are time tested and clinically effective. The body exercises developed by Dr. Jeanette have been taught to thousands of people in individual sessions, group sessions, workshops, and classes.

The holistic psychology material for this home study anxiety course is the same as the in-person anxiety treatment classes Dr. Jeanette used to teach in Center City, Philadelphia.

The written lessons include exercises to help you increase your body awareness, physical strength, healthy emotional expression, and specific ways to calm your nervous system.

"Every client I have worked with over the last 35 years used this same information and body exercises to successfully reduce their anxiety."   Dr. Doris Jeanette

Dr. Jeanette began to develop her body approach early in her career while working with referrals from the Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Beck Institute at the University of Pennsylvania.

Women who did not benefit from Cognitive Behavior Therapy were referred to her for anxiety treatment in the 1980's due to her reputation for helping women with anxiety and depression.

Dr. Jeanette also worked with referrals from Dr. Joe Wolpe from The Behavior Therapy Institute at Temple Medical School who did not respond successfully to his Behavior Therapy treatments.

Dr. Jeanette was supervised by Dr. Wolpe and then worked as a staff member at The Behavior Therapy Institute with him for a few years.

"Your relaxation course, "Overcome Anxiety Naturally,"  helped me realize my thoughts are separate from my real self. This was huge. The home study course also reminded me to communicate with and support the part of me that is frightened. When I did this, I became calmer."  Trisha Walters

Dr. Jeanette does not use meditation, Yoga, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, hypnosis, mindfulness, psychotherapy or talk therapy. 

Her approach is different because she teaches you to stop thinking and start feeling.

Dr. Jeanette's unique credentials include: knowledge of learning research, body language, energy awareness, laws of physics, and healthy emotional expression. For more about Dr. Jeanette visit here.

"I am so glad I met you, Dr. Jeanette, I knew there had to be some way for me to do this on my own. Thank you so much for teaching me how to use my own strengths. You are a lone voice in the medication-for-everything-world." Patty A.

10 written lessons PLUS 5 hours of audio as mp3s or CDs

100% Money back guarantee.

Overcome Anxiety Naturally online course with written lessons and audio.

"I love you Dr. Jeanette. I listened to your fear audio and crossed the Ben Franklin bridge for the first time in years."  Jack Cannelloni

What You Get in the "Overcome Anxiety Naturally" Home Study Course:

1. 10 written lessons. Each week your lessons arrive as a pdf file. The first lesson arrives as soon as you place the order. Lesson one begins by teaching you how to breath so that you can stop anxiety attacks, mental attacks and panic attacks.  It also helps you understand what is going on inside of you and gives you a baseline against which you will measure further growth. You gain new awareness of what is happening in your body.

Subsequently, each written lesson builds on the one before it as you receive the learning research information you need to decondition your anxieties. Slowly, and with confidence, you develop the physical skill set you need to succeed. There is a body and grounding exercise in each lesson.

Each lesson has homework assignments that build a solid foundation for your success.

You learn to focus on your successes instead of your failures. You learn to recognize your inner critic and stop it from ruining your life. In total, the lessons give you the tools to handle anxiety when it occurs and to reduce anxiety in the future. (Value: $199.97)

2. "Opening the Heart" Audio Series. This 3 hour self help audio series is an emotional health guide on feelings, fear and hurt. This audio series is not in the lecture format. It was recorded in a professional studio with the smoothing sounds of Dr. Jeanette's voice instead of music.

Her voice is comforting and calming to the nerves as she guides you into finding your authentic emotional self.  "Opening the Heart" was used and highly praised by the late Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

You learn the difference between real fear and anxiety, between feelings and thoughts, between feeling sorry for yourself and real pain. You also learn what to do when you cannot relax. This is important to know and put into practice. (Value: $99.97)

Hear sample AUDIO NOW: Click Here to Listen to Dr. Jeanette's calming voice ...listen to 3 minutes of the Feelings audio.

3. "Tame Your Thoughts" Self Help Audio. This is a self help audio in an educational format. It was recorded during a teleseminar. You learn different ways to tame your out of control, racing thoughts. (Value: $29.97)

4. "Anxiety Help" Self Help Audio. This is a self help audio in an educational format. It was recorded during a teleseminar. Addition information reinforces the holistic psychology principles taught in the written lessons about anxiety and fear. There are examples and real life issues to help you learn how to reduce anxiety in your daily life at work or play. (Value: $29.97)

Worth: $359.88

What You Pay:

You pay $199.97. You save $159.91

100% Money back guarantee.

If this sounds hopeful and exciting, order your natural anxiety reduction course now and receive your fist lesson immediately.

Two ways to receive the "Overcome Anxiety Naturally" Home Study Course Audio:

#1.  Receive written lessons as pdfs and audio as mp3s.

#2.  Receive written lessons as pdfs and audio as CDs instead of mp3s.

#1.  Order the Natural Anxiety Home Study Course with mp3s for $199.97.   Place your order now and your first lesson arrives immediately. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

click to buy anxiety online course 

#2.  Order the Natural Anxiety Home Study Course with CDs for $199.97.  Click here to receive the audio as CDs. You pay $20.00 extra for production and handling. In addition, shipping is $5.00 in the USA, $10.00 outside USA. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Still Don’t Believe You Can Relax and Enjoy Life?

Even if you have tried Relaxation Therapy before and not been successful, this natural anxiety treatment home study course gives you the direction and information you need to be successful.

How could this be true?

Dr. Jeanette's homes study course works with you and it does not constantly tell you to relax!

If you cannot relax, it does not help you to tell you to relax.  Dr. Jeanette knows that your anxious energy is sometimes so strong you cannot relax and calm down.  She knows you cannot relax because of the overwhelming momentum of the anxiety.

Therefore, you learn an alternative approach to use when you cannot calm down and stop your racing thoughts and fast moving anxious energy. 

There is no magic, psychotherapy or drugs involved, you are guided into implementing different actions which get you out of your thoughts, down into your body so you feel the earth around you.

When you are in your body you feel your physical strength. Your physical strength helps you overcome your mental anxiety.


Imagine this:

You are relaxed sitting at home in a comfortable chair, looking at a pretty plant, drinking your morning coffee or tea. You are breathing fully and feeling rested from a good night's sleep.

You know what you need and want for the day. You are paying attention to your body, emotions and breath.

You have plenty of time to get to work so you are not rushing to do anything.....You know and trust you will get to work on time, with ease.

You are the driver of your own destiny. You know how to drive at the speed you prefer and you go where you want to go.

Real problems have real solutions. Relaxation can be a way of life for you... all you have to do is learn the necessary body skills you need to overcome anxiety.

"With Dr. Jeanette's help, I have been able to finish my college degree and get a long term, live-in boyfriend." Linda Black

You have the inner strengths you need to succeed. You were born with them.

If you learned to walk, you can learn what you need to know in order to overcome anxiety naturally. This anxiety course teaches you what you need to know.

"I have been able to use your breathing method successfully now for three weeks. It works!" Pat in Australia

If learning how to relax and enjoy life sounds good to you, order the home study course "Overcome Anxiety Naturally."

Two choices:

#1.  Order the "Overcome Anxiety Naturally" Home Study Course with mp3s for $199.97.  Place your order now and your first lesson arrives immediately.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

click to buy anxiety online course 

#2.  Order the Natural Anxiety Home Study Course with CDs for $199.97.  Click here to receive the audio as CDs. You pay $20.00 extra for production and handling. In addition, shipping is $5.00 in the USA, $10.00 outside USA. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Hear sample AUDIO NOW: Click Here to Listen to Dr. Jeanette's calming voice ...listen to 3 minutes of the Feelings audio. Listening to the comforting sound of Dr. Jeanette's voice calms your nervous system.

Questions? Write me or call 215-732-6197

Need Another Natural Anxiety Treatment Option?

Ask Dr. Jeanette if she has time for a private phone session for $200.00 per hour. Email Dr. Jeanette now.