Licensed Philadelphia-based psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and health energy flow in the body and emotions  Dr. Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning research and healthy energy flow in the body and emotions; a Philadelphia psychologist since 1975 when she worked with Joe Wolpe, MD at Temple Medical School.
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Do You Want to Reduce Your Anxiety Without Drugs Or Psychotherapy?

You Can Learn Mind Body Relaxation And Stress Management in Center City, Philadelphia!

Do you know that anxiety is learned?

Do you know you have natural strengths you could be using to unlearn your anxiety?

The Relaxation, Reeducation Class in Philadelphia is a 6 week Anxiety Reduction Class taught by a licensed psychologist with 33 years of experience teaching people to manage anxiety, face fears and relax.

Next Class begins on Monday, Feb. 8th at 6:30pm.

Time: 1 1/2 hours each week. Only 6 people in each class to guarantee success.

Location: Center City, Philadelphia, PA. Rittenhouse Square Area, 503 S. 21 St.

Cost: $300.00

You must be interviewed to join this small, effective, empowering class. To be interviewed call 215-732-6197 or email

Goals: Reduce anxiety, increase relaxation and improve self esteem.

This method of overcoming anxiety is not available from any other source because it is based on Dr. Jeanette's clinical experience working in the trenches with anxious clients for 33 years. Her unique credentials include a vast knowledge of learning research, emotional health, body language, energy awareness and the laws of physics.

Tired of anxiety, stress, fear, worry, helplessness?

Don’t believe you can ever relax and enjoy life?

Even if you have tried to relax and have not been successful this anxiety class will give you the tools you need to be successful.

For instant, your anxious energy is sometimes so strong you cannot relax and calm down because of its overwhelming momentum. This anxiety class teaches you an alternative approach to use when you cannot calm down and relax your fast moving anxious energy.

There is no magic involved, you learn the principles you need to know to unlearn your anxiety. You are guided into implementing different behaviors which will turn your life around.

Think of a train wreck going over the cliffs of the Rocky Mountains in Glenwood Canyon. Right now your anxiety is out of control and it is like a train off it's tracks heading straight for the Colorado River-- with you helplessly in it!

Anxiety is an out of control energy which must be brought back into balance so your train gets back on track.

One of the major things you need to know to be successful is the difference between your irrational thoughts and your real, honest in the body--fear. Once you learn this enormous difference, you will be able to move forward quickly, with more confidence and security.

What are the Benefits of this Anxiety Class?

You learn how to:

  • Breathe properly to stop hyperventilating, immediately. Guaranteed.
  • Calm your autonomic nervous system down when needed.
  • Tame your thoughts and inner critic.
  • Shift out of self judgment into self acceptance.
  • Stop being so hard on yourself.
  • Stop scaring yourself to death with irrational thinking.
  • Feel your real fear.
  • Deal with your real fears.
  • Take care of yourself in real fear situations.
  • Get grounded and stay grounded.
  • Trust gravity and relax into it.
  • Relax your body during the day at work and in social anxiety situations.
  • Compliment yourself instead of finding fault.
  • Focus on the goals you want instead of what you don't want.
  • Be aware of what you are doing instead of being unconsciously controlled.

You can learn how to read, sense and feel--in your own body-- the difference between irrational thoughts and authentic emotions.

As long as you are stuck in your irrational thoughts, you are not dealing with real fears. Therefore you are sure to be anxious, panicky and terrified.

When you are trapped in irrational thinking, you are not in contact with physical matter. When you are not aware of your body or gravity or external data, it is impossible for you to relax and feel safe and secure. The reason this is true is because you are not safe!

In fact, your anxiety is helping you by telling you there is something out of balance. Your train is off the track and you are in real danger because you are not grounded. To be safe you must get grounded by getting back on the train tracks!!

The new skills you learn in Dr. Jeanette's Anxiety class teaches you how to get back on track and stay on track.

For instant, you become aware of your real fears so you can deal with them effectively in your daily life. You also learn how to develop your natural strengths so you can use them to your advantage as needed. In addition, you learn new, necessary skills to solve real problems more effectively.

Real fear disappears with mastery. Nothing else works with real fear!

Until you know exactly what to do to solve the real problems and face your real fears, you will be anxious!

"I love you Dr. Jeanette. I listened to your fear tape and crossed the bridge for the first time in years. Jack Cannelloni

Imagine this: You tune in to the truths within. You observe your body, your thoughts and feelings and do not judge what you perceive.

You learn to stand up to your inner critic and stop him or her from ruining your day by shattering your nerves, flipping your stomach, pressuring your chest or chocking your throat.

You shift out of mental judgments into healthy emotional behaviors and life saving actions which truly protect you and keep you safe in real time with real problems.

You learn how to accept and help the part of you who is scared and frighten. You love and support the part of you who does not know what to do to be safe.

You cannot accomplish something you do not know how to do. You cannot relax until you know how to relax. You cannot relax until you feel safe relaxing! This is the major reason you have not succeeded up until now! You cannot stop self judgment until you know you are safe letting go of your mental thoughts.

To relax you need to learn the skills that empower you to take care of yourself in this scary world.

Dr. Jeanette's Anxiety class gives you the basic starter kit you need to keep your train on the tracks. You are supported and encouraged to make healthy decisions by learning how to take responsibility for your behavior and at the same time--learning how to be kinder with yourself.

In addition, you get the information you need about emotional health so you become solid and secure in your own skin with your authentic emotions and feelings.

"I am so glad I met your Dr. Jeanette, I knew there had to be some way for me to do this on my own. Thank you so much for teaching me how to use my own strengths. You are a lone voice in the medication-for-everything-world." Patty A.

Imagine this:

You are relaxed sitting at home in a comfortable chair, looking at a pretty plant, drinking your morning coffee or tea. You are breathing fully and feeling rested from a good night's sleep.

Checking in with yourself you know what you need and want for the day. You are paying attention to your body, emotions and breath.

You have plenty of time to get to work so you are not rushing to do anything.....You know and trust you will get to work on time, with ease.

You also know you will meet your own needs and desires as you go through your day because you have learned to listen to yourself.

You have learned the tools needed to driver your own car. (You decided to leave the train at the station and tour your beautiful planet with mastery.) You are the driver of your own car and destiny.

You know how to drive at the speed you prefer and you go where you want to go.

This is not a pie in the sky future for you. Anxiety, stress, worry and helplessness do not have to ruin your life.

Real problems have real solutions. Relaxation can be a way of life for you... if you take action.

" With Dr. Jeanette's help, I have been able to finish my college degree and get a long term, live-in boyfriend." Linda Black

You do not have to live your life in helplessness in a car without a driver, or a driver who refuses to leave the parking space, or a driver who is driving too fast and dangerously!

Nope, you can get in your car and drive with expertise.
You can pause when you want to,
return home when you want to,
and play outside of your car safely while it is safely parked.

You have the means to overcome any false belief your parents taught you. And you can overcome any negative conditioning you learned from the anxious adults around you.

You have all the tools you need to succeed. You were born with them.

If you learned to walk, you can learn to reduce your anxiety.

There is nothing missing from you. There is no gaping hole which cannot be filled. Nothing that has ever happened to you can rip away your innate strengths. You still have the natural talents and creative gifts you were born to use and express.

No matter what psychological diagnosis has been given to you,
you can step out of your learned, anxious self into your relaxed, authentic self.

You can become the person you were born to be. You do not have to continue to be the false, neurotic self you learned to be.

Anxiety is a way of life.

Relaxation is a way of life.

Are you ready to learn now to step out of anxiety into relaxation?

You will use the relaxation tools you learn in this online anxiety course for the rest of your life to negotiate more easily through this anxious, uptight, stressed out world.

"I have been able to use your breathing method successfully now for three weeks. It works! Pat in Australia

See yourself laughing in a small, warm, friendly group lead by Doris Jeanette, as you relax and learn to use your natural talents.

Only 6 People accepted in Class to guarantee success!

Call: 215-732-6197 to talk to Doris Jeanette right now.

Or write her right now.

Too anxious to get to Center City, Philadelphia? Prefer to work on your own? Click here to read about the online e course, Overcoming Anxiety Naturally online course. The online anxiety course is based on the in person Anxiety Classes which Dr. Jeanette has been teaching in Philadelphia for many years.


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